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Hi, Snowies! Time for a foodie post to kickstart your Monday Blue, finally campaign is over. I always feel work is never ending and never done. I hope I can get more passion and energy to overcome hardship even more!

But how do I even release stress out? I love cafe hopping and pancakes seems like a good option to release stress during the weekend. I am pretty impressed that they not only served pancakes but also some breakfast set would definitely open up your appetite too!  

Yeay is PABLO time! As of you all know Pablo is having a grand opening on 6th December 2016 at One Utama. Their first branch is open now at One Utama and hopes for more branch to be open in whole Malaysia. PABLO is origin from Japan and they serve really yummy cheese tart. PABLO also very famous from Japan too!

So yeah now you don't need to fly to Japan to enjoy PABLO Cheese Tart already because now at One Utama you can easily taste this famous cheese tart from Japan!
Hi all lovelies, its been a while since I blogged about food here. Went to Nana's Green Tea during the last weekend with Adeline. Guess what we are both Matcha lover that is why here this is perfect Matcha Date together.

I guess everyone heard about Nana's Green Tea before right, but this is the first time I dine in and enjoy their Match Green Tea dessert. There are many franchise around Kl and Selangor area. But at One Utama, The branch here served a lot of varieties of food, including set meal, drink and of cause their signature Matcha dessert.

Hi all after all the festive celebration and good food you have eaten during the Holidays. I bet is time to do some exercise to gain back your old weight. But no worries New Year is here again, so you have to enjoy more good food and good company to celebrate this coming New Year. I can't believe time pass so fast and we have 2 more days till New Year 2016!!

I always heard how good and how famous Haraju Cube can be. But never I have the chance to visit the place with my boyfriend. But luckily I have plan out with my ex college mates and we spend our afternoon dessert time at Haraju Cube. Last month, Haraju Cube have come out new menu too. It was definitely a good chance to have to try their new menu.

Hi my lovely friend, today will blog about another Ice Cream post! If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I have previously blog about the famous Macaron Ice Cream in town. This time I will be blogging about Nitrogen Ice Cream in town. It was my first attempt of this experience with Nitrogen Ice Cream. 

320 Below is Singapore First Nitrogen Ice Cream in town. They have finally open their first branch store in Malaysia 1 Utama. 

[Image From Here]

Today will be doing a short post about ICE CREAM!! I bet it was everyone favorite when it came to Ice Cream. Lately there was this Macaroon Ice Cream that everyone is craving for. It started with a FULL PINK Truck and they start selling Macaron Ice Cream. Negative Celcius start with this super cute and creative Macaron Ice Cream and its seem like it was a HIT till now. I can always see Instagram post with their lovely and cute Macaron Ice Cream when they buy from Negative Celsius.

Negative Celsius - The Most Special Ice Cream (choose to make a difference)