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What if collagen has been made to jelly? In this post, I will introduce two types of jelly from LENNOX. One is Fiber Jelly with Probiotics and another is their Collagen Jelly with Ceramide. Both of them are my current favorite nutrients food that I need every day. Read more to know more about what's their benefits and why I love them so much!
My first baking workshop with Lennox Collagen and The Butterfly Project! I am really happy to be able to be part of the workshop and able to actually do some baking activities that I never did before. In this post, I will share my first time baking experience using Lennox Collagen 5000 Powder. 

Lennox's as nutritional supplements can meet the requirement of the modern lifestyle by supplying natural and acceptable method.  Their vision is to become the largest modern nutritional supplement brand in the region by producing all kinds of health supplement drink. All of their ingredients are all-natural, organic and carefully selected because they know that all their consumers deserve only the best for their health.