On the 12th of March, I have attend blogger conferences with Chef Wan at BMS Organics. We get to meet Chef Wan and take photo with him as well. All the while I have heard a lot of good reviews about BMS Organics, which serve healthy, organics and mainly vegetarian food. 

Have you ever dine in at BMS Organics? You should too! Because Celebrity chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or fondly known as Chef Wan, BMS Organics is now on a mission to help Malaysians eat healthy and to dispel the misconception about healthy foods. By harnessing Chef Wan's culinary passion and expertise, we can create delicious, nutritious Malaysian dishes by using our organic, eco-friendly produce and products.

BMS Organics & Chef Wan 
Healthy Eating Bloggers Conference 
Date: 12th March 2016
Time: 11am - 1pm
Venue: BMS Organics, Sunway Pyramid

Not only that, they have 3 new dish menu with collaboration with Chef Wan and BMS Organics as well to promote healthier lifestyle. That is Asam Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Curry Mee, only for Malaysians Flavor.

"We Malaysians love our lip-smacking cuisines, especially curry and meat, but our passion for flavoursome food has become increasingly unhealthy. As a chef, I take it my calling to help Malaysians develop a healthy eating culture," said Chef Wan. 

Love all the greens inside BMS Organics.

Group photo with Chef Wan before start.

Bloggers and Crowds of the day.

Not only that we are serve with this super healthy drink, Almond milk serve with a pinch of salt. Which taste really light taste of milk and saltiness.

Chef Wan is appear on the Star issues on 12th of March as well!

[About BMS Organics]

BMS Organics is the Largest Organic Retail Chain in The Malaysia Book of Records.
It offers an extensive range of organic and eco-friendly products such as personal care and skincare products, health supplements, food and beverages as well as other household items. Among others, its flagship brands include Biogreen, O'Forest, Bugs' Paradise, RadianceOn, O'Choice, O'Clean and other renowned international brands such as Benecos from Germany, Herbatint from United Kingdom, CKJ and Tae Cho Water from Korea, Organyc from Italy, Andalou Naturals from USA and Rampal Latour from France. It is also the winner of Sin Chew Business Excellence Award 2014, MRCA Brand Achievement Award 2014 and Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2016.

Healthy choices for your daily cooking. Such as Coconut Oil, Himalaya Salt, Live Sea Salt, Olive Oil and other more. There is also organics seasonal powder for cooking as well. I wonder how's the food will taste like after using all these organics ingredient as our daily cooking.

Today ingredients for cooking.

Get ready cooking pot.

Cammie, BMS Organics Nutritionist

Many assume organic meals or anything organic ‘must not be tasty’ due to the common view of healthy food as unsavoury to the human palate. That is a misconception as many green or organic-inspired dishes can be really yummy,” enthused Cammie. 

In an exclusive Bloggers’ Conference held at BMS Organics outlet in Aeon Bandar Sunway, Sunway Pyramid today, Cammie also said one should not give up their favourite dishes but only make it healthier without compromising the tastes.

For me it is quite true as well as we often reject organics food because it was tasteless and looks not appetite to dine for. But is not true because nowadays many organics food can be tasty from any other food as well. Don't believe it? Just come and try dine in food from BMS Organics. They serve organics and yet yummy food for customer.

Chef Wan is demonstrating the way for a healthier way of cooking. He did mention that if you are not use to eat organics foods, you can start from cutting off the unhealthy food or ingredients by 20% or more when you cook. Keep cutting off as much as you can when you started to get use of the taste of the organics food as well.

“One Day Without Meat” 

Besides that BMS Organics encourages everyone to start observing “a day without meat in a week” and see how much difference this little change makes. In short, less meat leads to better health.  

At BMS Organics, we have a CSR campaign called “Meat Free Monday” where customers, staff and everyone to go vegetarian at least once a week on Monday!” said Cammie.

Not to forget that BMS Organics collaboration with Chef Wan is part of their initiative to promote Meat-Free Monday. By skipping meat on Monday every week or once a week and substitute it with tasty, healthy meatless meal, they believe that everyone can make a world of difference to our health and the planet too!

A pot of Goodness with Organics ingredient.

According to a 2013 study by UK medical journal Lancet, Malaysia has been rated as the highest among Asian countries for obesity. Compared to global rates of around 30%, nearly 45% of Malaysian men and 49% of Malaysian women are overweight or obese. Obesity is known to be one of the risk factors of diabetes and heart diseases―the number one silent killer in Malaysia. 

"It is generally known that our daily diet tends to lack wholesome fibre. That's why in this quest for a healthier Malaysia, I have given our most-loved dishes extra fiber power by choosing fresh organic vegetables and products from BMS Organics," said Chef Wan. He also shared his three recipes during the cooking demonstration held after the opening ceremony of BMS Organics store in Mid Valley Megamall.

Organic Soya Milk Curry Laksa Noodles 

The savoury curry paste is made with freshly ground galangal, turmeric and dried chilies. It is cooked with organic virgin coconut oil to promote metabolism and add a delicate coconut aroma to the dish. Instead of coconut milk, organic soya milk is used to reduce cholesterol intake and the probability of stomach upset. Served with a healthier choice of unbleached flour noodle or brown rice vermicelli to satisfy your appetite without burdening the body.

Seriously the food that they cook are nearly as same taste as the normal curry noodle I ate outside. I was amazed with the taste and the texture that they have created with all the organics ingredients they cook with. 

Asam Lasa Vermicelli Soup

Fresh tomato, tomato purée and apple cider vinegar are used to replace dried tamarind (asam). Apple cider is rich in active enzymes, potassium and minerals to promote digestion and detoxification. Served with wholesome unbleached flour noodle or brown rice vermicelli.

Chef Wan mention that you don't have to eat your food with all the meats, if you need to add on more dish try to add vegetables only. It was also a good way to start eating healthy as well. It will provide you more fiber and gives you good digestion as well. Go for Organics vegetables too!

Nasi Lemak

The new Nasi Lemak recipe is composed of wholesome brown rice seasoned with coconut oil, tasty rendang made with fresh spices like galangal to prevent free radicals, lemongrass to promote metabolism and organic soy milk as the substitute for high cholesterol coconut milk as well as protein-rich organic beancurd skin (Tou Bao) as faux meat.

This is my favorite dish of all! I believe that as a Malaysian who doesn't love Nasi Lemak. But eating it as daily meal is not a healthy choice. BMS Organics has overcome the misconception about how unsavory and how undelicious it looks like. The taste is just as yummy as the normal nasi lemak you could just buy from outside.

Now we can enjoy Local Favorites with all the Healthy Ingredients. Not forget healthy can be yummy too!

Group photo before we end the conferences. I have learn so much during this blogger's conference and have change alot of my perspective about eating healthy and eating organics. We should always prevent than cure from any diseases that we might encounter and do not let any of our health issues become our and our loves one burden. But first let's have a Healthy Mind first before we start our Healthy Diet and Healthy Lifestyle!

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  2. all the food looks healthy and delicious! great that BMS offer a wide range of food choices that help changes our lifestyle on the trend of consuming fast food!

  3. My favourite vegetarian restaurant! I love to shop for my dumplings here too.

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  8. I love Chef Wan.. he is very versatile, friendly and humble... and his food is good.... now we can learn how to make more healthier meals....

    1. yes he is! He was quite a inspiration for me! hehe

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  10. Yummy and healthy foods~ Oh yeah =D

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    1. Yes it was he was such inspiring of healthy icon =D

  15. how can a Malaysian not eat Malaysian food? i have tried clean eating for few weeks, and still can't resist the goodness of Malaysian food. it's good to know now we can substitute those with something much healthier - now the damage is lessen. teehee~

    1. Yes and it was good for our health too! hehe

  16. Lucky you to be able to meet Chef Wan! The food looks so good and I just love BMS Organics for their healthy and yummy food

  17. WOW! Eating healthy doesn't mean we have to forgo our local dishes, simple ingredients compromising does wonders.

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