If there is a chance for you to tell me what your favorite childhood game, what will you tell me? For me, definitely, I will say is Final Fantasy. When I first start to play the game, I started from the Gameboy, after then is Playstation 1. I still remember me and my brother used to fight to play the game.

Let me show you some of the pictures from the game, maybe it might bring back your childhood memories too, haha.

This is the pixel version of the game, the character is so cute right. I remember when the time to fight the boss, I will be so nervous and afraid that I will lose at that time, some even take me a few time to pass the stage.

Slowly when is the Final fantasy come out with a new version of the game, the graphics get much more details and colorful.

I even save up my pocket money just to buy the game. I still remember that time I was so crazy in love with the game, I even play it until midnight until my mum nags me its time to sleep 

After so many years, Final Fantasy has come out so many version of the game and I cant manage to play it all, haha.

As a Final Fantasy fan, I always love their music when I play the game, the music just blends so well with the game. Some part of the song even make you more nervous during the game, haha.

If you are Final Fantasy fans, for sure you know that this year is their 30th anniversary. Prior to this Anniversary celebration, I found out that they are having a musical concert in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on the 18th October which falls on the same day of Deepavali.

Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY JIRITSU / 而立

Let me give you a brief introduction to the concert. 

Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY presents a new series of orchestral concerts: FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary - JIRITSU. Including a spectacular musical tribute to 30 years of FINAL FANTASY, music from FINAL FANTASY XV and a visual experience to accompany the show, SQUARE ENIX, AWR Music and Impact Live/Creon Asia bring this once in a lifetime live show to Kuala Lumpur's Plenary Hall on 18th October.

Featuring Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu in attendance and a full symphony orchestra conducted by Grammy award-winner Arnie Roth, this multimedia experience combines stirring HD screen images to match the soaring emotions of SQUARE ENIX's world-renowned FINAL FANTASY video game series.

With the first FINAL FANTASY concert premiering in 2002 in Japan, the concept has toured the world, with this new 30th-anniversary production including music from throughout the 30 years of FINAL FANTASY games as well as new scores and arrangements created specifically for these concerts. Video game music has grown increasingly popular in the last few years, playing an integral role in the immersive experience of today's games.

The FINAL FANTASY soundtracks, which are original compositions, have grown so popular that TIME magazine named series composer Nobuo Uematsu a notable "Innovator" in its recent "Time 100: the Next Wave Music" feature. SQUARE ENIX hopes to pioneer awareness and appreciation of not only its own musical creations but also video game music throughout the industry.

About Composer Nobou Uematsu

Nobuo Uematsu is one of the most celebrated composers in the history of video game music, recognized for his work on the FINAL FANTASY series and other games. 

The FINAL FANTASY VIII theme song, "Eyes on Me," composed and produced by Uematsu, featured Hong Kong pop star, Faye Wong. "Eyes On Me" sold 400,000 copies and won "Song of the Year (Western Music)" at the 14th Annual Japan Gold Disc Awards in 1999, the first time in history that music from a video game had attained this illustrious honor. 

In 2001, Nobuo Uematsu was named as one of the "Innovators" in Time Magazine's Time 100: the Next Wave Music feature. In recent years, Classic FM, the world's largest Classical Music radio station, has repeatedly recognized Nobuo Uematsu's music from FINAL FANTASY for inclusion in its illustrious "Hall of Fame".

About Music Director Arnie Roth

Music Director Arnie Roth is a Grammy-winning artist known for his work with performers including Il Divo, Diana Ross, Jewel, Andrea Bocelli, The Irish Tenors, Charlotte Church, Peter Cetera, Mannheim Steamroller, and Dennis DeYoung. Roth has conducted renowned orchestras of the world including the London Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony, Atlanta Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Dallas Symphony,  Tokyo Philharmonic and the Sydney Symphony. 

Roth is well known in the world of video game music for his work with Nobuo Uematsu and Square Enix as Music Director and Conductor of the "Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY," "Dear Friends: music from FINAL FANTASY," "More Friends: music from FINAL FANTASY," "VOICES: music from FINAL FANTASY," as well as his role as Music Director and Conductor of " PLAY! A Video Game Symphony." He was the winner of the Best Score Award at the 2003 DVD Premier Awards for his score for the film Barbie™ as Rapunzel and was nominated for an Emmy in 2007 for his original song "Shine" from the movie Barbie™ in The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Roth has produced dozens of best-selling CDs.


Since the release of the original FINAL FANTASY in 1987, this unique RPG series continues to showcase the spectacular visuals, highly imaginative worlds and rich stories leading the industry and earning the highest accolades from users around the world. The series has, as of September 2010, achieved a cumulative shipment of over 97 million units worldwide

So.... Final Fantasy fans, what are you waiting for? 

Quickly get your ticket from the link below:

For seating info, you may refer to the pictures above.

1. Ticket prices shown are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)
2. BOOKING FEE (RM10.00 + GST) is CHARGED for ticket purchase made with Call Centre or Internet Webshop.
3. 1 ticket admits 1 person ONLY, no sharing seats.
4. No cancellation or changes allowed once ticket(s) sold.
5. No refund is allowed after a purchase is made.
6. Lost or damage ticket(s) will not be entertained.
7. Strictly NO photo, video and audio recording is allowed.

Ticketing terms and conditions as stipulated on the ticketing website and on the rear side of printed tickets shall apply at all times. Please read and understand the Conditions of Sale before purchasing the ticket.

For more details, you may refer to the official website of the FINAL FANTASY JIRITSU concent 

Hope to see you guys there! I am really so excited for the concert and definitely can't wait for it. 

Till Then


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  1. now here's something one must go to if they're a fan of final fantasy..
    i might be there too!

  2. My daughter mesti suka n happy to hear about the concert..but but the price very wowwww...hehehe.

  3. Wow.. surely will be a nostalgic night full of those days memories.


  4. good that you sharing this as I have no idea until I see here. Now follow your gfc too :D, follow mine? www.mymumbest.com

    shall tell friends of this Final Fantasy right away.

  5. wah the FF concert!! I wanna go!!


  6. Very informative for a person who have never played Final Fantasy before. I didn't realise the music from Final Fantasy is so popular

  7. Final Fantasy's sound tracks are my favorite. I don't play the games but I love listening to their music. I wish they have a concert here where I lived.

  8. Saya suka cerita2 fantasy macam ni. Sebab lukisan dia yg colourfull dan nampak real.

  9. I have a dream to attend orchestra concert

  10. You might see my little brother there - he is a crazy follower of the game. Hehe

  11. I'm not a player of Final Fantasy but I do know a little about their music through friends who are fans like you. I think this concert will be so grand. What an experience it would be.

  12. this is so much fun... too bad I am not able to watch it... would have enjoyed it...

  13. OMG never heard of a concert of FF before?!! SO COOL!! Too bad i have to miss out T.T