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2016 Ramadan Feast @ Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine KLCC

Back to a Ramaan Feast post, this time you can enjoy your Ramadan Feast at Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai that offer quite many range of Ramadan food, from authentic Thailand dessert to main dishes of  Noodle and Dry food station. I would say they serve a lot of food and mouth watering Thailand dessert that are deserve to be enjoy during this Ramadan period.

Drink station. We got Teh Tarik and Hot Coffee choices.

Coconut and Soya Bean.

Fresh noodle station with Tom Yang Soup. I personally like the soup very much. It was quite spicy but in the mean while it was full with the aroma tom yam taste. Which I finish up the Tom Yam Soup with the noodle.

Satay and Ikan Bakar is a must too.

Next, we will go through their dish menu for this coming Ramadan. Popiah for appetizer snack.

Steamed Fish with Lime and Chili. Many were discussing how tasty and yummy their fish are, freshly cook and the lime and chili compliments the steamed fish well.

Stir Fried Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce. Fried Chicken is everyone favorite!

Massaman Beef. Thailand famous beef stew, which surprisingly enlighten my taste bud. Not too spicy but just right to appetite my taste bud.

Lamb with Black Pepper. Tender lamb cook with black pepper sauce. I love the lam texture where is it not too dry or hard, but only the tenderness and juiciness of the lamb.

Prawn with Butter Sauce. My favorite prawn, just I get annoyed with the skin that fried together. I am not used to eat it that way but still I have it a lot during the Ramadan Feast.

Chicken Kapitan. Come and enjoy this super yums Chicken Kapitan with creamy coconut milk that give the real depth of the flavor of this dish.

Stir Fried Bean Curd with Thai Basil Leaves and Fresh Chili.

Stir Fried Mee Hon and Nasi Beriani.

Dessert and Salad Station.

Wing Bean Salad.

Glass Noodle Salad is a must try for Thai Dessert. I really love the combination of glass noodle in this salad.

Thai Papaya Salad.

Mieng Kham. I am so regret because I didn't try this! This is super authentic Thai food you can find among the roadside food stall. You choose what you want to mix and eat together with the leaf (Colek Daun Kaduk). I am not really fancy eating leaf but never wrong of trying right.

Mee Krob. Thai Crispy Fried Noodle.

Fruit Salad.

Thai Jelly

Mango Sticky Rice in Green.

Fresh Mango with Sticky Rice.

Aneka Jeruk

Sticky Rice with Egg Custard.

Red Ruby. One of the famous dessert from Thai, I always order this when I am dining in Thai Restaurant. 

Banana in Coconut Syrup

Red Bean in Coconut Syrup.

See how pretty this watermelon craving. Roses in the Watermelon.

Welcome by the lovely smile of the waitress.

Overall I have enjoy the Ramadan Buffet Here at Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine KLCC. The ambiance of the Raya festival is all over the place.

Awards from Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine KLCC.

Seating area.

My Ramadan Buffet on that day. I get to try a lot yummy food, from the Thai dessert to all the famous Malay food. I have my tummy fill with all the good food at Imperial Chakri Palace Royal Thai Cuisine KLCC. So what are you waiting for, because they are having early bird promotion which you can entitled of RM 20 Nett Discount from 10th May to 9 June 2016. Not only that Citibank credit card holder is entitle for 15% Discount too. 

 RM 91.90 per person

Children (6 to 12) | Senior Citizen (56 above)
RM 47.90 per person

Not only that you can walk in to enjoy the Ramadan Buffet and if you wish you to book now you can always secure you seat via online too! Visit to buy online with just 3 simple steps. You can make a purchase online, secure your seat by reservation and present your online purchase bill and you can enjoy your meal with no worry about full house during Ramadan period.

2 weeks more till Ramadan! Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim Friends 



  1. yeah Ramadhan is almost coming ^^ Stir Fried Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce catch my attention the most, thats my favorite tho haha XD
    yeah Im craving for the dessert than the main dish in every ramadhan >///<

  2. The spread looks really good - quite a bit of selection for this upcoming Ramadan season. Love the set up as well :)

  3. Yums! The price seems reasonable for such spreads!

  4. wow, most of the food is spicy or fried... the photo really look nice!

  5. I liked the fish and the mango sticky rice. The fried chicken didn't seem to have enough salt ;p Love the buffet spread overall :)

  6. Chakri serves really good Thai Cuisines! It's good that the Ramadhan buffet serves more than just Thai foods!

    1. Yes it was! I think they actually mix Thai and Malay food =D

  7. I like the Thai food ~ Omg !! You should bring me go , babe ^^ loll..

    1. I like Thai food too! Spicy and Appetizing yums!

  8. The food pics really do made me mouth watering although just had my dinner. >.<

  9. Those food already makes me felt hungry haha... especially the desserts are my favorite too yum yum xP

  10. Loving the nice spread and I really liked the steamed fish, tom yam and a few other notable dishes including the Mieng Kam

  11. will definitely check this out next month! They look so good!

  12. Thanks for sharing this buffet! Am sure my family members will enjoy the foods served in this buffet. To me, I definitely wanna enjoy butter prawn, wing salad, satay, Tom yum noodles etc ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

    1. Sienny you definitely got a great taste of choosing nice food in this buffet =D

  13. That looks really gooooood. Ramadhan buffet is always a fun time. Please visit more of these and keep posting?

  14. What a great idea to have Thai food during Ramadan! Haha~~~ But if weekdays, susah go..

    1. Jam I know right, but for KLCC you can take LRT la XDD

  15. thanks for sharing this. all food looks so nice eh!!

  16. the food looks so yummy!!! Make me feel hungry now!!

  17. Red Ruby is my favourite at Chakri Palace. Definitely will dine-in there again for Ramadhan.

  18. I love thai food anytime. I think I am going with my friend for buka puasa there next month.

  19. neverending scroll down.. hahaha, so many good food here.

  20. i'm salivating~ the mango sticky rice looks good..why green? they put pandan in it?

  21. Looks so nice... So many food to eat.. Worth worth..

  22. i was planning berbuka puasa kat sini nanti. gambar-gambar pon dah buat terliur. Hehehe

  23. the dishes look amazing, i really love this type of fusion thai food

  24. waa.. harga berpatutan.. nanti kakak masukkan dalam list.. hee~ mana tau boleh singgah berbuka kat sana nanti..


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