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This year our 6th wedding anniversary we decided to book a nice staycation in the KL area to enjoy a short 2 days 1 night together. I have been doing some research on which of the stay has the best view of KLCC. I always liked the KLCC view and it feels astonishing to see the KLCC tower from afar and take photos of this tall building.

I have a wonderful during my first year anniversary stay at Avilion Port Dickson! Though I have seen a lot of photos about Avilion Port Dickson, but I never been to there before. This time was a real surprise for me because we have been looking through a lot of resorts and hotel around Port Dickson but we couldn't get one that up to our liking except this hotel. In addition, we didn't want to spend too much on our one night stay, so this place has been out of our list. Guess what, my hubby still go with this choice and I was really surprised! Thanks for this small arrangement for our sweet staycation at Avilion Port Dickon.

Continue on my Anniversary Celebration with Burger & Lobster. Been reading so many reviews about this newly opened at Sky Avenue. Although it's been few months opened, the queue for this place is still so crazy. 

Especially during lunch and dinner hour, you might need to queue for at least 1 hour until your turn to eat. Be sure to line up in the queue early if you want to save more time, which I think is still not possible. 

A short post here on how I celebrate my 5 years anniversary with my Hubby! This is our first celebration after our marriage, as you can imagine, our celebration was quite near to other celebration dates too. This time I request to celebrate at Sky Avenue, ever since it open I haven't been to visit there. And I know there is quite a few new restaurants open there too.

Counting 5 Years together, it neither to be not too long and neither to be not too short as well. I remember when I told my hubby that we can plan our marriage after 5 years together. But I couldn't have imagined he propose me last year during Valentines and we get married this year May. Time passes too fast that I would definitely be grateful for all the blessings and love that I have.

I am here for our 2nd Anniversary post. Our love anniversary is on the 18th of June 2012. Time pass so fast that we been together for two years already. The love journey is never been easy as you guys know. Love is such a big knowledge that we will never understand. Since not everyone is perfect and we both have different family background, different thinking and different opinion the journey will never be same if you have another person you love stay by your side. During the time we spend together, we did argue like normal couple, but no matter what our heart already stick together. Both of us has already decide that we are each other life partner already.

I always feel bless and love by him a lot. He always care for me, love me, support me whenever I needed him. Love is so amazing because we changed for each other. I feel so amazing that when you been with the person you love for a long time, slowly you will have a bit of their look, their personalities, its seems like you will be more and more understand each other. We have been through argument and we was sorry for each other childishness.

Now we still have long journey to be together. I hope that no matter what we can always hold hand together and face obstacle together. I always have this feeling that I don't know what will happen to me when I live without you. You were always there, when I sick, when I bored, when I tired, when I cried, you always comfort me and love me.  I appreciate your love and care for me hence make me the most happiest girl in the world =D