Continue on my Anniversary Celebration with Burger & Lobster. Been reading so many reviews about this newly opened at Sky Avenue. Although it's been few months opened, the queue for this place is still so crazy. 

Especially during lunch and dinner hour, you might need to queue for at least 1 hour until your turn to eat. Be sure to line up in the queue early if you want to save more time, which I think is still not possible. 

In Burger & Lobster, there's bar for you to enjoy music, cocktails, and wine too! If you are interested in enjoying some alcohol drink while enjoying their lobster, you can do so here at Burger & Lobster.

After almost 2 hours queue, we finally reach the entrance of the door.

Menu and Price of their serving.

 All of their wild live lobster is served with chips and salad except for this serving. In Burger & Lobster, you are able to enjoy their fresh Canadian Lobsters steamed or grilling up to our liking. You can choose over clarified butter or B&L's famous lemon and garlic butter sauce too!

Chili Lobster 
RM 168 | RM 173

This Chili Served with signature brioche and most probably the only wet type of serving at Burger & Lobster. Fred not as you will be provided with gloves while you enjoy their lobsters! Since this Chili Lobster is the only wet serving they have, it will get much dirtier than you imagine. Just be prepared and in the mean time enjoy this finger licking good Chili Lobster!

Although this serving does not include fries and salad, however, it was served with bread. Where you can dip the bread into the signature brioche and eat it! The serving is not as big as I imagine, but I like the sauce which tasted, sweet, sour and slightly spicy. And if you use to the spicy and heavy taste of our local cooking of Chili Lobster, this might be not up to your expectation.

The Orginal
A burger that served with Australian Beef. 
RM 85 | RM 95

If you are not too fond of their lobster, there's other serving like a burger for you to choose too. Since my hubby is not a fan of lobster, he orders himself a burger serving.  Not quite a big or satisfying serving, but overall was good.

If you ask me will I ever back here again? I would say most probably say 50/50, I might want to try out their original serving one but I'm not quite sure the taste will be up to my standard or not. Overall experience dining here is really pleasant. 

Finally, I have my craving fix by dining at Burger & Lobster. If you would like to visit and enjoy their fresh Canada Lobster serving, definitely make your way there.

Burger & Lobster Malaysia
Level 1, SkyAvenue, 
Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands, 
69000 Genting Highlands Resort, 
Pahang, Malaysia

Contact Number
60 3-6105 9186

Open Hours
Monday to Thursday
11 am - 10 pm

11 am - 12 am
8 am - 12 am
8 am - 10 pm



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  1. looks so good!! i've been there once but didn't get to enjoy the lobster~ the queue was ridiculous!!

    1. Yes I totally agree on the queue that are ridiculous long lol! haha

  2. Omg!I miss the fresh & juicy lobster :O
    Definitely will go back again !

  3. I love to eat lobster. Will try it out at my next trip to Genting.

  4. shall put in bucket list. Wanna go there to dine if go RWG!

  5. Am not so into sea food but am really eager to explore Sky Avenue. Gonna bring all my friends soon!

  6. oh! No. Lobster meal... another good dining spot. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I always see the long queue to this restaurant. I have not tried here before. I love to eat lobsters!

  8. I've passed by Burger & Lobster many times and always looooong queue. I wish I have the patience and time to queue! One day, I tell myself.

  9. heard so much about this place! wish to be there super soon huhu... Why must it be so far away huhu... Wish they have a branch nearer to subang ahahaha

    1. I hope that they will expand soon somewhere nearby too!

  10. Lobster burger. Look nice never try before. Have in penang?

  11. I remember trying this our long time ago before they even have the bar and I really love it! True, it worth the hype.

  12. Always saw long queue for this restaurant. Until now also haven't try it.

    1. Really! Ya until now the queue still long huh =)

  13. i would definitely go for lobster. But their burger looks delicious as well

  14. Wah1 I can't wait to try out the restaurant soon.

    1. Hope they open branch here near KL or PJ soon!