I am here for our 2nd Anniversary post. Our love anniversary is on the 18th of June 2012. Time pass so fast that we been together for two years already. The love journey is never been easy as you guys know. Love is such a big knowledge that we will never understand. Since not everyone is perfect and we both have different family background, different thinking and different opinion the journey will never be same if you have another person you love stay by your side. During the time we spend together, we did argue like normal couple, but no matter what our heart already stick together. Both of us has already decide that we are each other life partner already.

I always feel bless and love by him a lot. He always care for me, love me, support me whenever I needed him. Love is so amazing because we changed for each other. I feel so amazing that when you been with the person you love for a long time, slowly you will have a bit of their look, their personalities, its seems like you will be more and more understand each other. We have been through argument and we was sorry for each other childishness.

Now we still have long journey to be together. I hope that no matter what we can always hold hand together and face obstacle together. I always have this feeling that I don't know what will happen to me when I live without you. You were always there, when I sick, when I bored, when I tired, when I cried, you always comfort me and love me.  I appreciate your love and care for me hence make me the most happiest girl in the world =D

The place we celebrated he always keep it as a secret lar. So I basically has no idea where he gonna bring me too. Couple body shot in the lift =D

Keep asking my baby boy to help me take photo of me in this beautiful corridor. The corridor is surrounded by mirror glass only! It was way so beautiful to see from inside. But when is night time I actually super scare of walking through this corridor I just don't know why!!

Here am I, Fuego. Welcome to Troika Sky Dining's latest concept.


Having selfie with my baby before the sky went dark.

Manage to have selfie with the view of KLCC.

Bar counter.

Cooking Counter.

The Bar and the view from Fuego.

The view is awesome!! We can have our dinner together with wonderful KLCC view.

Food is served! Grilled Pine Mushroom RM25 Deep fried Parsley, seawater foam and salt crackers. The mushroom was juicy and the taste is very fresh. Just the salt crackers is too much as the mushroom is not in a very big portion.

Mocktail- Berry Club. RM20++ There is raspberry inside the drinks, when you first drink the taste was sweet and sour quite refreshing. After you drink until the bottom it will taste sour. 

Our table view. Our water with cucumber & thyme or strawberry & basil. RM8++ per bottle.

Australian Grass Fed Rib Eye(350gram) RM110 Cambodian Kampot Pepper rub, red wine and grelot onion sauce. We order 1 main dish to eat. This dish is suitable for 2 person to dine. Is super satisfied and full! Thanks baby keep help me slice and feed me, woola~ We always have it medium well because don't want it to become bloody meat. xD

The sauce is very appetizing! My baby love it very much, the sauce mixed perfectly with the beef.

Sorry for the over exposed photo, because the sky went dark and I took photo with flash. I wanted to show you guys the color of the meat. Is very fresh and nice to eat and chew xD

Leche Frita RM25 Deep Fried Milk Croquettes, coconut pudding , lime jelly and fresh mango. Our dessert after meal, the taste of all these food really taste special. Is not that is not nice, but is special. You can taste sweet and mixed taste when you eat it. If you really wanted to try some new and special dessert, you can order this!

The look is kinda weird and messy. When I saw this, I was like is this dessert? But still is worth the taste, haha!

The hotel lift has this super huge mirror for a good body shot. My baby was hiding in the lift corner.

Here we are!

Taking a good pose and photo at the lobby hall.

Thanks for the waiter help us take our couple photo with the beautiful scenery.

I shall end my Anniversary post with our couple selfie~~~ Hope that our love can last forever!! Love ya, my baby!!

Fuego still under soft-opening. Renovation has not been completed yet. Their furniture will change, rain shelter will be construct and will add more food on their menu. If you wanted to dine here is advise to be early to take nice photo view and since haze is back soon be sure to take note =D

Fuego South American Tapas & Cocktails @ Troika Sky Dining
Fuego Restaurant & Bar
Troika Sky Dining, Level 23A, The Troika, Jalan Binjai, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2162-0886

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