I have a wonderful during my first year anniversary stay at Avilion Port Dickson! Though I have seen a lot of photos about Avilion Port Dickson, but I never been to there before. This time was a real surprise for me because we have been looking through a lot of resorts and hotel around Port Dickson but we couldn't get one that up to our liking except this hotel. In addition, we didn't want to spend too much on our one night stay, so this place has been out of our list. Guess what, my hubby still go with this choice and I was really surprised! Thanks for this small arrangement for our sweet staycation at Avilion Port Dickon.

We choose to stay in their water chalet which you can refer here. I never stay on a water chalet before and this first time staying is super excited for me! In this water chalet, there is this king size bed perfect for a couple. Also, a small balcony area facing across the chalets and sea breeze.

In the chalet itself, there's also a Pangkin daybed beside the window facing outside. I really love this corner where we can chill and relax in this corner with sea breeze!

Besides that, the chalet also comes open sky bathroom, shower, and toilet! I'm getting really excited and take some photos inside the bathtub too! Toilet wise is just beside the bathtub with a door.

With full amenities, big basin and mirror too!

For the outside area, they have an open dining place for Buka Puasa (top) and a small open space to chill around as well.

Not only that they have 2 private beaches inside the hotel too. I was really happy that they have their own private beach to visit. I didn't really explore too much on the beach, the day 2 morning the tide is really low until we saw people walk under the chalet.

There are also few small rest area around the resort for guest to hang out and chill on the pavilion. I really love the entire ambiance and chilling moment around the resort. It was so summery and relaxing! It was hard not to take photos around the resorts too.

The most anticipating place for us in this trip is this Avi Lounge at Avilion Hotel PD! On the first day when we reach there, we did manage to visit and ask whether we can hang out in this Lounge. There are certain fee for sure, you can enjoy buffet tea break for around RM68 and also photo pass for around RM35 per person. 

Photo pass 
3pm - 6pm RM35

Tea time
6pm - 9pm RM68

Does it worth it? I manage to get only the photo pass because I want to take photo inside this really pretty round lounge chair with the sea view. It's kinda sad the tides are still very low that my photo shoot is include the sand. Maybe someone can help me photoshop it! Haha

I am having a good time here enjoying the breeze and you can get a free mocktail too even with just photo pass. All the photos in the lounge is taken by the worker there. I guess she did a pretty good job with my guidance. 

Not forget to mention there's two different pool which is one is the Adult Pool and another one is Children Pool. I actually do love this resort a lot, they have a lot of facilities that is perfect for family vacation and even for couples too!

The whole walk in and check in place is super Balinese style! I really enjoy staying in Avilion with really relaxing and Balinese vibes around the resorts. Although in Port Dickson there's not much exciting place to visit, but staying in a resorts like Avilion does let us have a relaxing and wonderful staycation.

We didn't took a lot of couple photos here but manage to have this sweet selfie of us together! Just want to say thank you for arranging this surprise for me that I am able to have a memorable and sweet trip with you, my love. Hitting one year wedding anniversary is actually not a big deal but I can't believe that time passes so quickly that is been a year already. There's still a lot of things for us to learn and forgive. I am glad that our hearts stay on and I really love you!

Avilion Port Dickson


3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai
71000 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Tel: +606 647 6688
Fax: +606 647 7688

Till Then.

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  1. woww.. bestnya if i pun dapat stay cation kat hotel Avilion ni.. nampak selesa dan menarik.. penuh pemandangan yang menyenangkan mata .. hope bole tiba di sana satu hari nanti

  2. I'm in the same line with you to fall for everything over here! Every corner is just worth for IG feed, most importantly is we enjoy to make own memories too..

  3. This is an awesome place Sharon and wow time flies so fast! Happy Anniversary for you both.

  4. Happy 1st anniversary to you, Sharon. May there be more to come. I have not been to Avilion before but really hope to visit one day!

  5. Replies
    1. Yes really never get tired of beach vacation!