Matxi Corp launches at Malaysia! Matxi S.G. 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration at KLCC!

Congrats to Matxi Corp on the celebration of their 2nd Anniversary: Glory to Glory, in conjunction with Matxi Corp’s grand launch and Matxi S.G.’s 2nd-anniversary celebration with the presence of 2,000 distributors across 30 nations. I am really excited about this celebration and thanks Matxi Corp for the invite so that we can witness this wonderful celebration and grand launch of Matxi Corp.

Matxi Corp (Vietnam) who is formerly known as MatXi S.G, is a subsidiary of the MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd. Matxi Corp specializes in business training, human development, helping individuals and businesses to develop outstanding sales with the most professional and methodical training roadmap and support tools. Over just 2 years of operation, the company has achieved many outstanding achievements and is proud of the most professional and powerful system in Vietnam and many countries with more than 20,000 distributors and agents. In today event, they are also here to celebrate their second-anniversary celebration at KLCC too. They are all prep up and so ready for this celebration, where they will be award and prize ceremony during the event too.

In this event, we are introduced to three of their products, where it includes health products for man, weight loss products for woman, and many more products will be releasing soon.

The event also covers Leadership Representative Speech by Ms. Nhung (Director of Matxi Corp Vietnam), Mr. Kenny (Director of Matxi Corp Malaysia), Ms. Jenny (Director of Matxi Corp USA), Ms. Luck Kim (Director of Matxi Corp Korea), Mr. Matthew James Morris (Business Development Director of MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd), Leader Distributors Award Ceremony and performance by singers (Thanh Ha, Bui Anh Tuan, Thu Minh and Rynn Lim).

During this occasion, Matxi Corp announces the strategic investment from Malaysian group and introduce the transformation from Matxi S.G. to Matxi Corp, to step into international markets. Malaysia will be their 2nd market to enter after Vietnam, followed by Korea and the USA. I am very excited for more updates and product releases from Matxi Corp. 

During the event, they also celebrate their 2nd-year celebration as well. Ms. Nhung (Director of Matxi Corp Vietnam) also on stage celebrate this moment together with the crowds. While the crowds light up their phone torch, the overall surrounding is very grand and romantic. I hope there will be a more wonderful year ahead for Matxi Corp.

Next up, we have a very grand award ceremony for all their members who hit their target for the year. I get to see all of their hard work and how happy and excited during this award ceremony. Everyone on stage for the award ceremony is very pretty. They share also their journey with Matxi Corp and how they work hard with their team member and achieve such achievement with Matxi Corp.

Lastly, we are lucky enough to have one singer who is currently judges from The Voice Vietnam together with us, I fall in love with her voice when she sang I'm your Lady from Celine Dion. She has such a beautiful and powerful voice which I am totally amazed by it. Able to listen to it live is even more exciting!

Congrats again to Matxi Corp for their product's and Matxi Corp’s grand launch and also Matxi S.G.’s 2nd-anniversary celebration. Their slogan, “You deserve a better life”, Matxi Corp is endlessly trying to make life better and bring more practical value through products and services. Matxi Corp always aims to the best interests for the customers, communities, partners, and investors.

Hope and wish for Matxi Corp continues to work as a pioneer and lead innovation to achieve the goal of becoming the strongest Group in the region and reach out to the world in the period of 2019 - 2021.

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