Another new cafe in town, since we are not able to travel around the only thing we can do is to just cafe hope or visit shopping mall 🤭 But with MCO 3.0 just announced I wonder what's the next step for all citizen, hopefully, everyone here stays strong and healthy! 

After being overwhelmed by all full white fit, I start to play with more colors in my weekend outfit, with springs coming I always find floral romantic prints, and hence this time I'm wearing this purple floral top that has been in my wardrobe like forever and finally I'm wearing it out.

I didn't wear this top as much is because couldn't really find a suitable moment to wear it. As you will know floral print always somehow makes you look older and more mature, so finding the right size and pattern is important. When I received the top, I don't really like the pattern when I see it in real life. But now with my new hair, and my feeling for this top has changed, it actually looks really good on me.

I find this corner quite nice and simple decor look. Take a quick few shots because it is always a full house when we visit the cafe.

They have a small outdoor area with two table seatings as well. I think when purple color wear with white or take photos with any white background, it just makes your skin looks so much fairer and this purple top color is just the right amount of those romantic purple floral tones which I really like! 😍

And ever since my hair is full blond, I find it also makes my skin looks glowing and much fairer too. Once in a while seeing your hair all blond, just refreshes you and changes the way you style and wear.

In my mind, I thought that they do not have main meals and we have a quick lunch nearby since we have to wait for one hour before there's a seat for us. 

So we just ordered some of their famous cake slices and order one hojicha as well. I mean surprisingly their cakes were so good! We ordered Lemon Blueberry Cake and Manhattan Cheesecake both were so good. One was more refreshing and another was more filling. Not forget their hojicha is from Neko Neko Matcha powder!

In Three Years Old cafe, everything is Zen and Woody tone on the first floor.

Whereas the second floor was homier but still comes in a woody and white tone.

Whereas the outside is just everything white and planty look. I will suggest getting indoor seating if u are here during day time, because of the weather and unexpected change of the weather. But of course, outdoor seating has its own cons as well, where you can take some nice photo at your seating area hehe! Guess it's still up to you where you want to sit and chill in the cafe.

One of their famous corner to take photos is this outside spot with their logo on the wall. So many people taking photos here too!  For my matching outfits, I'm wearing one of my favorite short pleated skirts that I keep wearing. It has the perfect silhouette and cutting that I like, just that it is quite short for my liking. Make sure you wear safety pants inside when you wear this skirt! Since I'm wearing this purple flowy top hence my bottom I just wear a plain skirt to neutralize the look.

Nothing too fancy on my accessories, grab a white beige bag and wearing these comfy nude heels. Just to prolong my entire body proportions and makes me look even slimmer.

Here's also another corner where you saw a lot of people like to pose and take photos too! But since there are other ppl on the corner I just quickly took a front direct shoot. You notice the sun is very sunny as well, we shoot around 2-3pm outside the cafe.

Three Years Old Cafe
1, Jalan Sin Chew Kee, 
Bukit Bintang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur

Till Then.


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