Back to my outfit post in my blog. I have been going out the last two weeks, been to Japan Mart and also Korea Mart. Since we cannot go overseas, it is quite fun to go to a different country mart and enjoy the ambiance. 

Since we are going out I will also try my best to wear and makeup nicely. We will find a place quiet to take some ootd shots also. I really miss going out and interacting with people. 

I know that I have been shopping for a lot of outfits during this pandemic but whenever I open my wardrobe I just couldn’t decide what to wear haha! Ended up I just wear some tops and shorts haha. They have some nice yk2 details on the top as well.

The bottom that I wear is also a quite nice fit. I like the cutting and how it looks quite slim on me. I have been gaining some weight throughout this pandemic again. Try to start exercise back again, but sometimes it is just hard to maintain the energy to get back to exercise. Plus weekdays have been quite hectic for me, after work time I will just rather sleep and rest only.

But this short pants just cover all the fats around my belly area. When I wear this, I feel like wah this pair of short pants has quickly become my favorite short pants. I always say that is always hard for me to find a pair of short pants that suit me, because of the fats around my belly. This pair of short pants that I bought from Taobao is really a good find!

I really like this set of photos because of the greens as background, and the color of my outfit is quite a match also. It doesn't contrast too much, the color of the shot looks just alright. 

After thinking about what to wear, I also quite a headache thinking of what shoes and bag I have to match haha! For this look, I feel overall it is still a bit feminine and soft look. I am wearing these super feminine and cute heels that I recently buy from Taobao. It looks super cute once I wear it. I have been wanted to try different styles of shoes, hence I also bought a lot of shoes during this pandemic even though we have no chance to wear them out. ๐Ÿ˜‚ This pair of heels is so comfortable to wear but because the front strap is stick on, and if the way you walk keeps depending on the strap itself it will keep coming out. 

For my bag itself, I match with this new bag that I got recently from Taobao. I notice that I only have one black shoulder bag, hence I decide to shop for another black shoulder bag which is more rugged. My whole look is a quite soft look, wearing this bag is to try neutralizing the entire look.

This top comes in a really nice blue color that I really like. I rarely have this kind of blue color. The material is silk which is very comfortable and looks very gentle on me. It has a front tie which is very convenient. You can wear as outer like me or even just wear as it is. The size I choose is also quite big hence I can only wear it as outer. Inside I'm wearing a white bra top that is so comfortable and convenient. Been wearing it more often than I remember ever since I bought it ๐Ÿ˜‚

Showing off my new earrings haha! It is a blue mushroom gem earrings from the Local IG Shop. I have been shopping at a lot of Local IG Shop, I will share more looks wearing those accessories ๐Ÿ’— Oh ya one of the things that I like about the photos is also because of the glowing sun, is not that late as I remember but it already has this sunset glow light when I'm taking photos. It somehow matches with my orange peachy makeup look as well ๐Ÿ‘€

Outfit Details

Outer | H&M
Inner Bra Top | Taobao
Pants | Taobao
Shoes | Taobao
Bag | Taobao
Earrings | @merdujewelry 

Till Then.


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