Can you believe is already March and one quarter of 2021 is going to end soon!? It almost a year since Malaysia we started the whole MCO and now with the vaccine coming in. hopefully we can back to normal life again. Today's post is pretty bright and fun as well, hope you like the outfit post!

I will plan to do a thrifted youtube video soon once I bought enough outfits from different thrift shops haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ Talked about this white dress as it is a very cute and vintage dress style. It's not my usual style because I'm not very fond of the white front button dress due to it looks like a nurse outfit haha. I think mainly is because it is in full white color hence it just relates.

I do find myself having some issues thinking of how I should style this full white dress.  Besides that this is a full straight line cutting dress, hence I decide to wear a thin belt over to create a waistline for this look.  Since the whole look is full white hence I decide to bring this colorful rainbow rattan bag out with this outfit haha! I feel that this rainbow rattan bag just gives more fun and colorful style to this outfit.

I just realized I took hell lots of photos style in front of this door. Currently, I'm doing some blue theme ig feed on my Instagram hence you will notice that my recent outfit posts come in blue skies and outfit.

Closer details of the look. Besides the colorful rattan bag, I wear everything in whites and nudes colors. To emphasize this colorful rattan bag ๐Ÿ‘€ I do feel this outfit look a bit bulky because I wearing an inner singlet inside this dress as well. It's a bit see-through but I feel that it is still acceptable. 

Since I decide to go for a more cute and fun look, hence I decide to tie a double low bun to match this outfit! I did struggle to tie because is hard to tie my hair on the same height XD and I use a lot of hairpins to fix the bun. I can't believe that my hair grows so fast now!

I'm having a massive headache that day and when we are at the cafe for lunch I decide to take off the hairstyle I tie. Just a close detail that I want to show, on this dress you will notice there's this flower daisy flowers on the collars.

Outfit Details

Dress | Thrifted
Bag | Kaison
Heels | Taobao
Belt | Padini

Till Then


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