Time to take a break from my Langkawi post, here’s a short outfit post from Kwai Chai Hong again this time with Illuminating Shadows theme. I have been here numerous times and each time they repurposed I will definitely come here to enjoy some photo-taking sessions around. It is really happy to see this place revive again and many of us even tourists will drop by here when they are around. Check out my post to see what Kwai Chai Hong bring what surprise to us this time.

I tie my hair half for this outfit at first, after looking back at the photos, I still prefer my hair to be let go and I also change to bigger and exaggerated earrings that I purposely bought for this photoshoot. I always suffered from flat hair, so tieing up and doing some ootd photoshoots doesn't really look nice on me. Especially during an outdoor shoot, when I sweat and my hair looks even worst and flat. For most of the time I rather just let go of my hair and it looks more volume that way 😁

Been seeing so many blues in my recent blog post, finally, we have some colorful style in my blog post. This outfit is shot at Kwai Chai Hong which they have decorated the place in all these colorful rainbow hologram papers. The crowds here are quite crowded so make sure you stay hygiene and safe when you are here for photo shooting as well.

Since we are here, I’m wearing this cute floral pink top and beige skirt to match the white hologram style. You are encouraged to come over during day time. You can wear any plain outfit to this place because with the sunlight direct with the hologram it will reflect so beautifully on you.

They even have one corner seat for u to sit and take photos. This is where there is this big rabbit hanging on where when the sunlight with the hologram reflective color will shine on you. The hologram reflective effect is so pretty and dreamy to resist. The sunlight is too bright until I can’t even open my eyes πŸ‘€ 

I’m wearing this floral outfit which I bought for quite some time. This white beige skirt is also my favorite skirt to wear. Not too tight but also look comfortable on me. If only I could slim down a bit more πŸ˜‚ then it will be perfect.  

I’m wearing my new pair of white heels to replace my Charles and Keith white heels. This new pair of heels doesn’t look too bad on me. It does look weird where look from the front but from the photos it looks nice and elegant on. Really love this pair of new heels!! πŸ’— Since I'm just 155cm, a pair of nice platform heels definitely is a must for me.

Loving my facial emotion and pose for these two photos! I'm thinking that my husband is getting good at taking half-body shots now. I don't even have to use the front camera and ask him to adjust according to the angle I want anymore.

I love all the shots on this small bridge. It makes me look so much taller and elongate. I really like the hologram over top me hence I snap a lot of photos here.

This is the last corner that I shoot. I love this corner with all the reflective decor surrounding me. It makes the photo looks so dreamy and pretty. From this photo, it seems that I am in another dimension.

Love these 2 portrait photos! I feel that my husband is getting better at taking photos using my iPhone already.

Illuminating Shadows
29th Oct to 5th Dec. ⁠
Open daily 9am - 12 midnight.⁠

ι¬Όδ»”ε·· Kwai Chai Hong
Lorong Panggung, City Centre, 
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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