Definitely not my last Christmas fit for this year hahaha! But well I hope you guys like all my Christmas OOTD posts in my blog. I'm been loving all the Christmas outfits that I plan for this festive. Today's outfit definitely also one of my favorite Christmas outfits for this year.

The Gardens Mall never fails to impress me with their mall decor every year. Their festive season decor is very pretty every year! This year it has a lot of greens and reds around the mall. These two colors are the color of Christmas, and I can't express to you guys how much I like all the photos I took here. My today fit is in Red, Black, and White. The entire outfit is very swag and cool. It is the complete opposite of my previous red dress outfit.

Looking back at the photos at the mall, I literally thought that I am at somewhere celebrating Christmas. I love the window and door decor that makes it looks like you are walking on some street road from another country.

My first ever Red Blazer and I love it so much!! Although it is not the bright red that I would imagine it is an orange red tone and the color definitely look close enough with red, haha! I have been loving to buy thrifted vintage outfits from Ig and I stumble on one page where they selling this red blazer. I immediately fell in love and planning to wear it for Christmas🎄. The fit of the blazer is just right and closer look the blazer comes with checkers details which I find quite unique.

I'm wearing a crop white square top inside the blazer and match with my black leather skirt. The inside fit is very sexy and exposes, by adding a nice formal blazer to tone down the look. This leather black skirt has been with me for a few years and the leather starts to peel off. I need to find a new leather skirt now haha! I'm matching with a PVC leather bag and also boots too. Leather is a nice material to give more layers and texture to your whole outfit. If you feel that black is a very dull color to wear, you can try to add a black leather material piece to your wardrobe.

There are so many vintage cars around the mall as decor. I find it quite fun and vintage. Luckily my outfit still matches the decor. It gives a more Vintage and English Christmas feel this year.

Whenever I'm wearing this skirt, I will always match it with this pair of boots because they have a similar design haha! It was quite matching and cohesive looking. Actually, I have gained weight due to holiday eating, but this entire outfit with the blazer makes me look so slim hahaha! I really like how I like is this outfit 😍 Blazer and Short Skirt with a pair of boots literally just elongate your look.

More look at the Christmas Decor around The Gardens Mall. I really love it, because Red and Green Christmas Decor is the best! Classic Christmas ✅

I can't decide which photo to post and I just spam and upload it all to my blog. Another hidden gem where it is located at Les Suite, Level 6 The Gardens Mall. Usually, the space is open for event hosting, but this time they open the space for hanging out and chilling sessions. They have a few stalls of foods and drinks, where you can order and enjoy there. They have a high tea set too, which I didn't try because not really fancy for high tea at that time. But omg the fish sandwich we had is amazing ✅

The entire space is very chill, and you can choose to sit on the floor near the window or on the table seating. If you are here for photos, definitely choose to sit down where you can enjoy the view from the window and take some nice photos. Although the view is not that great it is quite chill and relax while you are there.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Blazer | Thrifted
Skirt | Taobao
Boots | Taobao

Merry Christmas to you all!!

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