Another Christmas Outfit post incoming. Just today I receive another Taobao parcel which includes some of my Christmas outfits to wear for this Christmas haha! Not too sure if I would have the chance to wear it, but if I did manage to wear I will definitely update my blog. You can definitely expect more ootd post coming soon!

I'm in love with today's look because of this comfiest sweater set wear from Wearing this set makes me feel like I'm at home comfortably. Never think of this set as perfect for Christmas because I feel that Christmas is the most calming and comfiest weather because in other countries it is the winter season. Although we don't have the season weather like other countries this sweater set is perfect to wear in Malaysia because the material is specially chosen to fit the weather in Malaysia. Super top-notch quality and comfiest sweater set I would wear. Before I officially wear it out, I have been wearing it at home a few times!

I love love the photos taken beside the Christmas tree and the sofa. It creates more homey Christmasey vibes.  My really comfy Cheer Up Lounge Set just makes me even loving the photos. It just brings out the exact comfy and honey feel that I want when wearing this Cheer Up Lounge Set.

Sorry for keep spamming the photos because I can't decide which filter I prefer. They have a total of 4 lovely colors, but now they have no longer have the pink set. At first, I can't really decide what color to get because the cream color is more versatile but then the blue color is screaming out to me ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hence I decided to get blue instead, and I did not regret the color choice I choose. This blue color is very pretty and makes my skin looks much fairer. It's more pastel blue but darker and brighter a little. I start to feel that this kind of blue is very pretty and calm in color.

I just realized these are the only photos showing the embroidery on the pants, haha! I have been blocking it with my sling bag. The embroidery details are super detailed and pretty, it is written Cheer Up on the pants and the sweater top is embroidered with Let me cheer up your day wording. The embroidery color is hot pink which I think is the cutest and fun color combination with this blue. Major love!!

My entire color matching with the Cheer Up Lounge Set has added a hint of purple and white! This type of lilac color is so matched with the blue color of this Cheer Up Lounge Set. Both of this color combination is the cutest! Tying a quarter up of my hair with my favorite purple scrunchies to match with my bag. 

 Lastly not also forget to wear a matchy matchup purple face mask too.  Really love how I match the color altogether. Today cafe is Maven Coffee shop, I just realized it is a partner company of Niko Neko, that's why I can't help but notice some of the decors is quite similar to Niko Neko. The entire ambiance of the cafe is very cozy and chill. I'm glad that I find the perfect outfit to wear and hang out in the cafe.

Outfit Details

Loungewear Set |
Bag | Kaokao x Twice
Sneakers | FILA

Till Then.


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