Finally able to blog about this outfit after so long 😂 This is when I have not had my short hair cut and we are here during our 4th year wedding anniversary. This is another outfit that I bring over for pots shooting. Not mentioned that this is one of my favorite recent hauls from Taobao as well. 😌 Hope you guys also like this outfit as I am.

This outfit comes in two colors, light blue, and black colors. Of course, the black color outfit definitely looks more slim and fit but I just fall in love with this blue color set even more. This color is very soft and sweet, and also makes you look fairer too. I feel that these summer's colors are so playful and colorful. If you like colors like I do, this blue color is definitely worth own it.

Shooting the cafe area Lucky Coffee Bar which comes in indoor and outdoor seatings. You can just feel free to sit around the cafe after you got your drinks and pastries. 

The outdoor seating is very sunny and comes in a minimal design. It is very nice to take photos as well. I’m glad I bring my sunglasses along and am able to wear style with it.

This outfit is so pretty and sleek! 🤩 The top fit is actually a tie top and since I get this set in L size due to the bottom measurements hence the string tie is very long when tie on my waist. I also wear a white bra top because the top is in tie style, it is actually quite exposed if you didn’t wear a proper inner top.

 Luckily the bottom fit me so well, it falls just right on my fat belly 😅 At some angles the bottom makes me look fat but at some angles it makes me look slim and tall. But it still doesn’t bother me because I know I have gain some weight since MCO started haha!

You might notice my big belly when I’m sitting here 😂 But I still like all the shots I took here too.

While we are here shooting, I realize that there we are so many corners and place for the shoot. This wall also has been a famous corner for a shot when you check the location at Kloe Hotel. This pair of pants is also very long for me, hence I’m wearing my tallest white heels to complete this look.

The same goes with these stairs hahaha! 😂 This staircases is where you can go up to their another restaurant which is Monroe Cafe. But due to MCO, it is close, hence I did not manage to do some ootd shooting inside the cafe. The cafe has a really vintage and a nice ambiance too. Hope to come here again when cafe starts operate for dine-in!

Lastly just wan touch on my accessories for this look. Since I’m wearing this blue outfit, as for my accessories I stick with white and silver colors. It just look more cohesive together. I’m glad that I have this white heels that just match this whole look, with the additional white hat, shoulder bag, and white sunglasses too 😎 I feel that I have been using this bag much more often, thinking I should get a new white nude bag haha!

Lastly for these shots, at first I just don’t feel like want to shoot in here. But my husband asked me to pose for it and omg the photos look so amazing haha 😂 I guess I'm just feeling tired after the whole shooting. Too many corners for me to explore haha!

Hope you guys like all of the photos here! I really spend quite some time deciding and arrange the photos to put in this post.
Outfit Details

Top + Bottom | Taobao
Hat + Glasses + Bag | Taobao
Heels | Charles & Keith

Till Then


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