It's the time of the year again, Christmas is my favorite season of the whole year. Although with Pandemic hitting us, and not sure what's ahead of us, I wish everyone who reads my post stay safe and healthy. For today's outfit post, I'm wearing my favorite red outfit for this festive season. I know that I will be wearing a lot of red outfits during this festive.

It's really risky to buy a dress from Taobao if it does not have model wear and try it on. So all you could have depended is on the review and luck. I'm glad that this dress fits me well, although I do afraid that it is too short for me to wear but the fit is just right. The length fit just to cover my buttocks and it does budge. Except that the waistline is quite loose on me and that's the reason why I wear a thick belt over the dress.

I keep the entire outfit mainly in just black and red. It is a classic color-matching with black accessories. Red is such a powerful and vibrant color, therefore you don't need any other bright color to match. The white and Black color is the best neutral color to match with all these kind of vibrant color. I just realized that I pose the same for all the sit down pose haha! These are all taken inside the Pavilion center where it is decorated with all Christmas decor.

It's been a while since I wear so many accessories. From a beret hat to a belt and shoes. It's been a while since I will go over my hats and belts that I have and actually style them with my outfit. My hat is not in leather but is in canvas material, it actually sticks a lot of dust on it and is not easy to keep clean all the time. I would definitely go for a leather material for a beret.

I'm wearing my Tory Burch sling bag in navy. It's smaller than I expected but I still like the size and how easily I can style with it because of the design and color. I like the chain strap that can mix with leather and chain because it gives more versatility to the outfit.

The new Dior shop has opened in Pavilion and this Christmas they have a tree outside the Pavilion entrance. There are a lot of influencers are here to take a photo too. The tree is in gold and Christmasey feel. It made the whole entrance looks extra elegant and pretty. It is hard to take an outfit photo with no crowds in the background 

A closer look at the accessories that I wear that day. I didn't even realize I look like Santa because of the thick black belt haha! But I guess it fits the theme during Christmas. I didn't go the extra mile on the earrings but just wear my simple gold hook earrings.

New Dior store open at Pavilion. Love how elegant and classy the Christmas decor outside Pavilion.

I personally feel the store inside of Dior is also very pretty. To take some photo here also while you are here. I definitely love the combat boots that I recently bought from Taobao. It just elevates my whole look to another level. I can't tell you guys this pair of boots will be my current favorite shoes. It is very comfy and light and does not feel heavy as well. The height of the boots fit just right in the middle of my thigh. It makes my legs look much slimmer too.

Outfit Details

Dress | Taobao
Bag | Tory Burch
Boots | Taobao
Belt | Padini
Hat | Taobao

Till then.

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