Finally, style this top for my ootd look. This top is a gifted gift from my BFF during my birthday. It is a neon top but due to the filter, I choose that's why the color is quite muted in this post. Decide to take this look at the staircase at my condo. I have seen a lot of photo shoots in the staircase in Tiktok and it inspired me to take my ootd in the staircase.

Showing you guys a closer look at the top. It is a plain neon top with the word Billie Eilish on the front and the back of the top is a drawing of 3 cute human drawings. I always love Uniqlo material top and own a lot of their collab t-shirt with different cartoons or artists.

The first time shooting in this corner is really challenging. The first round we took is so awkward hahahaha. After watching a few inspo videos in Tiktok, finally we got the concept and shoot along in this small space. 

I keep everything as minimal as possible to match this neon top with my favorite black biker jean shorts. I like my new sandals with a hint of neon as well. That's why I have the matching style in my mind and turns out it match so well as well. Although I don't think that this sandal is actually my style, I been loving it because it is very comfortable but also stylish, haha!

For accessories wise, I just grab my favorite Fila Sling bag to create a simple and swag style. I also wear my sporty watch to give more details about this look. I also wearing cute Takashi Murakami earrings. Not sure if you guys know that this collection design, there are also Billie Eilish x Takashi Murakami design as well. That's why thinking to wear the earrings as well since my Top is just Billie Eilish design.

Hope you like this short and simple outfit post. 

Outfit Details
Top | Uniqlo
Bottom | Taobao
Bag | Fila
Shoes | Taobao

 Till Then.


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