I tried not to post too many outfit posts at a time but this is what can post in my blog hahaha. I need to be more hardworking to take more photos for my beauty product so that I can update my blog too. While taking ootds is definitely much easier because I can take it when I'm outside and it's the current things that I do when so head out. Shopping malls are so crowded and we just prefer to go to cafes with lesser crowds.

For my first outfit was taken at Urban Daybreak cafe at Bangsar. Although I do have some cafes that I want to go to the cafe closes so early and I have to find another cafe to go to. 

My outfit for the two outfits is focusing on the bottom where they are plain black bottom. But wearing a different top can create different feels for a simple plain black bottom. I really like both of the outfits. 

The first one was this very Hong Kong vibes top with a fake two layers top, inside is the lace turtle neck, and outside is this muted pink color shirt. The material of the shirt is very comfortable but for the lace part so will feel that it can be a bit irritating on the neck area.

The bottom black skirt is in jeans material and very comfy to wear. I am very happy that the fitting fits me so well. I can't remember where I bought it but seems like it is from Brands Outlet Store. I do prefer to try out jeans and buy from in-store. This is due to my belly and hips measurement are not accurate and it is hard to buy bottoms online for me.

With the top which is much more vintage, I just decide to go with this black skirt, a fanny bag, and simple black heels. The black color is such a sophisticated color, and I feel that the black element of the entire outfit create more contrast to the top and I really like it! A Fanny bag can be quite cool, and hence I go very feminine on wearing heels to complete this look.

A Fanny bag doesn't need to be swag or for a cooler look, but it can be matched with some feminine pieces, such as lace and heels. I do like to mix and match boyish pieces and feminine pieces. I feel that it is fun to style them both together in one outfit. 

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Bottom | Brands Outlet Store
Bag | Taobao
Heels | Taobao

For my second outfit, I would say I do shot at some odd place. This is in a shopping mall but they have some photo corner for you to shoot ootd. I do hope that they have Christmas decor up but sadly they haven't set it up yet. But well we manage to do this outfit shoot in this photo background. 

We can just imagine when we can travel and I'm teleported to London. For the second outfit is wearing this Parisian style top. This is a very pretty top that I really love. I always want to try this kind of top and finally, I got it from Taobao. Since my top is quite formal and hence to make the outfit more cohesive, I just pair it with these formal black short pants. This pants is my one and only formally black pants, it has the pleated on top which gives me a slimmer waist.

My accessories are mainly with pearls and in the gold color to match the gold color buttons on my top. The top button can be open up which is functional. Since my whole look is very class and elegant, I decided to go with my Micheal Kors beige bag, this bag has some gold color details which are quite matching with my accessories. 

My heels are my recent buy from Taobao and I have bought one size bigger and it is very loose on me. I always buy one size bigger shoes or heels when it is full cover design shoes. But this cutting is so big and I can't wear it nicely at all. But the details of this pair of heels are so pretty, white and pearl details on the heels to make it more feminine and classy.

Here's a close look at my accessories. I wore this pair of dupe Channel earrings which I love so much. It is small and dainty with a lot of pretty details on the earrings themselves. For my hair accessories, I am wearing this pearl headband to match my shoe pearl details. Overall this outfit has so many accessories details which I love. It makes the entire look so put together too! 

Outfit Details
Top | Taobao
Pants | Taobao
Heels | Taobao
Accessories | Taobao
Bags | Michael Kors

I can't decide which outfit I like more. Both of the outfits also got the details that I really love. Let me know which is your favorite ๐Ÿ˜Š

Till Then.

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