YK2 Fashion has been back in trend recently. I created 2 Yk2 fashion lookbooks with some of the fashion tips I got when I do some google research. For this look, although Yk2 is a more colorful look I also loving this minimal Y2k look with this white pleated skirt and purple floral singlet top. Since this whole look is mostly in white, but this shooting place is super colorful and rainbow-ish it creates a very nice photo book with this look!

Start with the photo I feel is quite fun and twerky pose.

This beautiful rainbow bridge is really pretty where it is a full-bridge walkway with rainbow color. When we were there, the sky is gloomy and there were quite some people taking photos in this Rainbow Walkway. But it doesn't stop us to take photos here!

This pleated skirt is everything because the fit just fit perfectly on me. I feel that I need a nice bottom to rock any Y2k fashion that I want to style. I got myself L size for the skirt and I really like the fit and the cutting just looking so nice on me too! It has safety pants inside that are very comfortable and nice to wear.

For the rest of the sneaker and the bag that I match, I just keep it simple and easy. Wearing all white for my outfit matching. I find it is very nice and creates some nice contrast with this rainbow walkway.

The top I wear is this really cute purple floral singlet that kinda screams y2k to me. But I don't really like to wear singlet as it is, hence I wear a white tee inside. The purple floral singlet is quite a pastel and light in color, hence from far, you couldn't really see the print. But the singlet itself is very comfortable and stretchy as well.

For my accessories, I purposely bought this purple bandana that screams yk2 fashion for me. And omg I really love this bandana that I bought it really fits me so perfectly. It can also style in many different hair accessories and hairstyles. After wearing and style this, I even wanted to buy more different colors and style it too.

I wanted to show that in real life I look quite plum in size too. Since I'm only 156cm and weigh around 51-52kg. I have quite a belly and buttocks area which are quite fat, so usually for my bottoms I always choose L size depends on the cutting of the bottom.

I edit with blue skies and sunset skies due to all of the photos because the weather there is gloomy while we were there. It makes the photos look much more bright and colorful.

We are also trying our best to take the photos because of the crowds there. Not too much but still there are people around here taking photos as well. I wanted to take the purple color walkway but due to there's people there hence I did not go until there. We only stick with the green and red color of the Rainbow Walkway.

End my post with some of the jump and cute photos I took with the Rainbow Walkway.

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Outfit Details
Inner Top | Uniqlo
Singlet | Yesstyle CLICK!!
Skirt | Yesstyle CLICK!!
Bag | Taobao
Sneaker | Nike Airforce1

Elmina Central Park
Elmina Central Park, Seksyen U16 
City of Elmina, 40160, Selangor


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