Back to my weekend outfit post. Since we can't travel now, I have been visiting some cafes and take some outfit photos when I visit the cafe. Although this outfit is not the perfect fit that I wear in the past months, I still want to share this beautiful cafe that I take my outfit to. Thankfully this cafe is just nearby my house, and I have fun chilling and taking photos in the cafe too.

It is not our first time here but before that, the cafe has not yet open. But we already saw that the interior decor is very pretty and insta worthy too. When it is open, we are here again to try out some yummy soybean desserts in The Soybean Factory. Not to forget to mention I really like soybean and as I know that not much of soybean dessert shop in KL. I'm really happy that now I can enjoy it near my house. I will plan my second visit soon!

The interior of the cafe comes in a lot of white, green, and brown colors that are suitable for the nature theme. It gives a very calm and relaxing ambiance.

Since I'm here quite early the cafe is quite empty with lesser crowds, but soon after that, the crowds start to increase. Therefore we quickly do out shooting around the cafe. The photos I take at this corner are all my favorite ones. 

This outfit is very comfy and classy. The silk top comes in very comfortable material and the pleated skirt is very good in quality as well. To complete the look, I'm wearing a white mid heels mules, the heels are in very basic design but I really like heels and it looks very classy with this outfit. I'm wearing a cute pair of pearl earrings too!

To be honest, I'm terrible about wearing a wrap top and although I like the color and style of the top but styling and actually wearing the top is not that easy and up to my expectations. The fitting is loose and looks a bit bulky on me. I have to keep re-tie and check if the top fits or looks loose on me.

I can't decide on what to match with my top and decided to go for the safest color, white. But to make the outfit look more classy and elegant to match my top, I decided to go for this white pleated skirt. Although the outfit might look bulky because of its loose fit for the entire look. But luckily it still elongates my look and still looks well put together as an outfit.

The last few shots are on another corner of the cafe where they have this rattan chair and surround with so many flowers around and hanging up on the ceiling too. It is also a pretty corner for photo taking too. I didn't think that my outfit looking quite glam hahaha until my friend told me. But yeah I think this outfit perfect for wear date or dinner too.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Bottom | Taobao
Shoes | Happy2u

The Soybean Factory 豆香 Setapak

Shop 2, The Palette Hab Komersial, 
No, 8, Jalan Langkawi, Danau Kota, 
53300 Kuala Lumpur

Till Then.

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