Hello pretties, finally I have time to blog about one my favorite Cartoon Cafe in Town. Hello Kitty will always be my favourite since small and till now too. Although you can't find many Hello Kitty in my wearing but loving the cartoon doesn't mean you have to keep wearing or showing it out. But my house was definitely full with Hello Kitty Collection until my mum keep asking me to give it out.

Yeay since the opening Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe few months ago, finally able to visit the place with Juneci and her boyfriend. The Hello Kitty cartoon for this Gourmet Cafe was definitely looking so adorable. It is advisable to book in advance but if you are walk in customer you can always sit their downstairs area.

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe.
Even the Vase was stick with their Logo. 

The crafting on the table was really precise and neat too. Nearly every table was craft with this 2 pattern. Feeling love while eating with the Hello Kitty Table. 

Love this so dreamy corner here!

This corner was special open for private occasion or celebration. Super princesses and girlish they have!

The corridor was nicely deco with Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe Logo.

Love this cute wall meaning. You can find many picture of Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel around the cafe.

Pillow comes in 3 pastel color which is Light Pink, Green and Blue.

Love this corner because you can sit in colorful chairs and comfy sofas. 

The chair was design with Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe Logo as well.

Any macaroons lover out there? The Hello Kitty cartoon on top of the macaroons makes it looks too cute to eat!

Some of the cute icing miniature.

Love this super DIY lightning with the Hello Kitty ribbon on it!

Hello Kitty Macaroons Tower to be eaten. 

The time of our booking time is under their Tea Time set. They encourage to take their Tea Time Set when you do booking from 2.30pm - 6.30pm. If you don't plan for Afternoon Tea Time at Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, please don't book during that time period if not you can always walk in to enjoy their other dessert and drinks also.

Afternoon Tea
2 pax - RM99.50
4 pax - RM195.90

Top Tier
Hello Kitty Macarons
Chocolate Salsa Mini Tart
Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Middle Tier
Cones of the Day
Strawberry Heaven
Nutty Cones
Chicken Hamberries Tart
Strawberry Cone with Pinenuts
Beetroot Basket

Bottom Tier
Finger Sandwiches
Smoke Salmon & Smoked Turkey
Cranberry Scone served with whipped cream and jam
Hot Savoury Spring
Onion Scone served with whipped cream and jam
Smoked Salmon Tart

For 2 pax, 1 pot of tea is included and for 4 pax, 2 pot of tea are included.
Tea flavours which are available for selection are English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Peppermint, Afternoon, Green.

Overall taste was fine for me although it might cause cost a lot of money on this serving. Although we have 4 people here but we just order 2 pax Afternoon Tea Time Set. Not much surprise from the serving but it was really cute serving and nice to take photo.

You can see there are many Hello Kitty and her Boyfriend couple shoot in every corner of the Cafe.

Even floor tiles is with the Hello Kitty Ribbon too!

The cakes looks so nice and beautifully decorate. Makes me wanted to try them all! I bet if you have a friend who are Hello Kitty Fan, you can have get their Birthday Cake here.

Moving to Downstairs. The stairs too was nicely decorate with Hello Kitty Photo.

Such a vintage piece.


You will saw this beautiful and colorful Hello Kitty Art on the wall.

Downstairs sitting are usually for walk in customer.

Photos with all the cute stuff in Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe.

Hello Kitty Wall Art.

More cute Hello Kitty Dessert for Downstairs serving.


Can you believe this art was done by coffee stain!? I found this really interesting and artistic too. The art building is all of the historical building in Malaysia.


That's all for the downstairs design. We actually spend 1 and half hour here for their kitchen to open so that we can actually have our dinner here too.  

Hello Kitty Waffle RM19.90

Finally got to try it when I visit Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe. The Hello Kitty Pattern was really too cute to taste it! I quite love this serving, the waffle is not too hard or too soft. Texture was perfectly fine and there was honey topping and blue berry topping too for each of the waffle.

Chicken & Wild Mushroom with Pasta RM 28.70

We order this and share among the both of us. I like how they serve with a ribbon serving which I think it was really creative and cute. But for the taste, the sauce was not enough hence make this serving really dry which make us hard to finish this up. For me I still can accept with the taste of it, just the sauce is not satisfied enough. Hope they can improve in this in the future.

Lamb Ragout with Pasta RM27.80

Where as this Lamb Ragout is way better than our first serving. The lamb doesn't have any unpleasant taste or smell. Quite appetizing dish compare to the Chicken and Wild Mushroom. Sauce and Lamb was nicely mince and taste just perfect.

Dinner only available for Upstairs Sitting. So if you plan to have your dinner here at Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe. make sure you book your dining place in advance.

Main door of Hello Kitty Gourmet.

Since Christmas is around the corner, Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe Christmas dinner is available from 24th December to 26th December 2015 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. But customers must pre order their menu at least 3 days in advance at http://goo.gl/jKvHSS and advance payment is needed.
No walk in is allowed for the Christmas Dinner.
For more information 

Hello Kitty Gourmet Café

Tel. : +603 5612 7703
No. 3 Jalan PJS11/15, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 

Monday to Thursday (10am – 11pm) 
Friday to Sunday (10am – 12am)

Kitchen closes at 10.30pm daily (Coffee, cakes & macarons still available after)
Afternoon-tea Specials (Daily from 2.30 - 6.30pm) 



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  1. omg XD its really cute ^^ wanna go there >3<

  2. I keep hearing about this place. Food looks surprisingly good! Thanks for sharing sharon!

  3. OMG Babe!! Your photos are really so pretty. From your photos, I can see the cafe is totally worth to go especially for photo taking. Every corner is a Hello Kitty's fan dream paradise. I wouldn't expect much about the food quality and surely it will be more expensive but it would be a nice place for a treat!

    1. Thanks Miriam! Yeay You can have fun taking photos around and have some of their dessert too =D

  4. The decorations are so adorable! Definitely a good hang out place for girls :)
    I agree with you that the ribbon serving of pasta is really cute!

  5. Cuteness overload! Love the art pieces and the colourful furniture! But pricing is pretty steep la

    1. Yala price is Expensive ya! You can choose other cheap snack to enjoy ya!

  6. lovely cafe!!! i like the place so so so much!!!

  7. My friend kata tempat je menarik but the food biasa biasa je

  8. The deco and the food is cute to see.. Kawaii to the maximum!~

    1. Yea the place really have really cute deco hehe!

  9. They should have Batzmaru cafe instead of Hello Kitty... :p say no to the evil kitty!

    1. I wonder when they will have the Batzmaru cafe though XD

  10. too cute not to visit! i want the macaroons!!!

  11. I was there last 2 week!
    yet to exlore the whole place
    wish to go again!

    1. Just go and explore and you can take lots of photos there =D

  12. its so pretty right! im so in love with this place :D hope they have new decors from time to time for us to take picts

    1. U r right! So that we won't get bored with the certain design XD

  13. Such a cute place to have tea at Hello Kitty Cafe, I like the waffle. I heard the food was so so only.

    1. Yeah! Waffle was nice! Yea depends on what you order actually =D

  14. gosh... what a cute review.... I was there and only tried out a cappucino and the cookie... next time I will try the waffle or other delicious stuff.....

  15. I'm a huge fans of Hello Kitty but until now I never step in there because I heard a lot of bad reviews. =X

    1. Place wise was superb dear! Food its depends on what you order =D

  16. I can definitely have perfect pictures here with a pretty background and good lighting. It can stisfy both my hunger for food and pleasure for photo. Wee XD

  17. I'm not a huge fan of Hello Kitty but I do think she is cute and going for tea here would cheer me up. Hope to check it out in person soon!

  18. omg, thsi is so cute!!! I want to eat the hello kitty macaron!!!

    1. Go and visit this place when you are back to PJ hehe!

  19. even I am not a hello kitty fan also I really feel like visit and enjoy food in this cafe :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  20. My favorite place for a beautiful afternoon tea, will definitely go back there for more photos :)

  21. I love the Hello Kitty Cafe 'coz it's Hello Kitty plus it's a cute place to hang out but it's too darn expensive.

    1. I agree the price is quite expensive! Choose something more light to have there =D

  22. The dishes looks too cute to be eaten! haha. I havent been there myself yet T.T

  23. so cute..

    you really took so many pictures. I'm sure the ladies will love this cafe.

  24. OMG so cute! Every Hello Kitty fan dream come true! They really put effort into the art of serving their food in Hello Kitty similarity variants. Not bad!