Thanks, Butterfly Project for the opportunity to try on this special face treatment with NOVU Aesthetics. It's been a while since I try out any aesthetics treatment, and I am really excited to try out the treatment for my face and my eyes  Because I always suffer from tired and puffy eyes, due to late sleep and late intake of water during the night.

Credits to The Butterfly Project 

About NOVU Aesthetics

NOVU Aesthetics is the world's first ever aesthetics chain to disrupt traditional conventions by removing the frills and focusing on bringing fast, effective and affordable skincare solutions for everyone. It has won multiple accolades as Asia's largest aesthetics medical group with innovative treatments tailored to meet the needs of today's fast-paced, modern lifestyle.

NOVU Medical Aesthetics is part of the Novena Global Lifecare Group, one of the largest medical healthcare and aesthetics chains globally.

We are able to try out their award-winning lifting eye cream too. Which I am super excited and can't wait to try out and see how it's improved my eyes.

Check out all their award-winning recognition that they have won. Feeling more confident to try out all their services in NOVU Aesthetics.

The NOVU 360 Solution targets various skin conditions based on three main issues 3Cs

Colour - skin tone and pigmentation
Consistency - Texture and Pore Size
Contour - Firmness and Wrinkles

Through a combination of different treatments - as advised by your NOVU doctor, the skin is rescued, renewed and restored.

Since I'm wearing makeup before the treatment, they help to deep cleanse and remove all my makeup before the starting of the treatment.

RF Eyes Lifting Treatment

Before we start the eye treatment session, they will apply their own treatment gel in the eyes area. I really like how cooling the gel apply on my eyes area. After applying the eye gel, we will start the eye treatment massage session.

The entire session is very comfortable with the machine massage around my eyes to my brow bone area. The machine will massage from our under eye area and move up to our brow bone.

I remember that day both of my eyes swollen due to late intake of water at night, with just one round of massage session I can feel and see the results on my eyes has become less swollen and lifted too. All the time, my eyes always are saggy and tired due to the long hours sitting in front of the laptop. I am really happy with the results of the eye treatment session.

P+ Phyto Laser

For our next treatment, we get to try out their P+ Phyto Laser treatment as well. We got the chance to also try out their face P+ Phyto Laser too. This process only needs around 15 - 20 minutes. With no down time and effective treatment, this laser treatment is famous around busy work life women.

There is a total of three rounds of laser on our face, for the first and second round the laser will give through the entire face. It will focus on your problem area, T zone or any blemishes area. The treatment will cause some dryness on your face, it is advisable to try out also their Ion Infusion treatment after the laser too. You can also apply more hydration skin care to provide hydration and moisture to your skin too.

Our happy faces after the treatment!

Finishes Off with the brightening treatment that you can immediately see your skin tone become much more fairer and brighter. 

In NOVU Aesthetics, there is a total of four face treatments for you to choose. 

P+ Phyto Laser
A non-ablative laser treatment that promotes skin rejuvenation while reducing pigmentation and acne. Skin looks brighter and clearer. Gentle enough to treat a wide variety of skin types. Skin Issues: CL CS CT

Radiance Light
Stimulates collagen production, kills surface bacteria while inhibiting acne and pimple formation. Also lightens, brightens and evens out the skin tone. Skin Concern: CL CS CT

Uses Radio Frequency technology to promote collagen production to lift and tighten the skin while plumping it from within. Also helps expel toxins and improve skin micro-circulation at the same time. Skin Concern: CT

Ion Infusion
Improves skin hydration using NOVU's Iontophoresis to infuse moisture and nutrients deep into the skin while instantly soothing the skin at the same time. Skin is smooth, supple and radiant. Skin Concern: CL CS

NOVU Aesthetics

Thanks again for Butterfly Project and NOVU Aesthetics for the invite. I have enjoyed myself in all the treatment and I really love the RF Eye Treatment which I can feel tremendous results after the treatment. As for the laser treatment, I love how it is fast and efficient with no down time. Your skin looks glowing immediately after the treatment! They also have the best service I ever had for the time I had to try out Aesthetics treatment too. Hopefully, they can open more branches maybe in Kuala Lumpur next time, so that I can easily visit them next time.

Till then.


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