This year Chinese New Year, unlike my usual style I didn't wear a lot of red color outfit. I guess I wear enough during Christmas and time to back to some neutral color. Not much of outfit idea to share in this post, but would like to jot down what I wear for this year Chinese New Year.

So for the first outfit is this traditional red top that I bought from Taobao. This year I didn't plan to wear Cheongsam since I always don't have a lot of chance to wear. This year I decided to just get one top for me to wear. When I first get it the top looks small for me which although I get M size after I wear it I find the top fit me so well.

Close details of my top, it has pretty flower embroidery on the top. I would say the embroidery quality looks really nice and decent. It also comes with a Chinese collar which looks really cute too! 

Overall I really love how comfy and nice this top is!! I am thinking I would like to get more of this kind of top next time too. I saw a lot this kind of top in Taobao too. They have so many nice designs to choose too.

Top | Taobao

So for my next outfit is Cheongsam!! I guess since Chanwon first design collaboration with Kissa Fashion. I decided to show my support and bought of her design with Limzy. I just fall in love with first sight when I saw the print of this dress. 

There are two designs of this Cheongsam, one is the maxi long dress and another is this baby doll flow dress. I just prefer this over maxi since this comes with a flowy design to cover any extra belly and also it comes with the pocket design too. Super convenient for me!

Love every dress with a pocket! And this dress is not too short and have a flowy design. It is so convenient and can wear out anywhere we want.

Close details on my makeup and my earrings to match my Cheongsam. Surprisingly the earrings come with pink details it matches to the Chinese button collar details of my Cheongsam.

Cheongsam | KissaFashion 

For my third outfit, I wore a very sweet grey and pink dress. This day I wear this outfit when I visited to my grandmother house. 

Not really quite the usual color coordinate I will choose, surprisingly it still looks cute on me. I like how there is this pink ruffle detail added to this grey plain dress. It is a normal A-line dress cutting. The color combination does look nice but tbh the cutting of the entire dress is not my favorite kind of cutting.

I bring one of my pink sling bag that can wear for two way, with the belt or the chain. I just wore the belt over the dress to create a waistline and the chain with the bag. It just becomes a different style after added a belt over the dress. If not it must have looked like I'm pregnant lol!

Close details of my make up look that day. Will up this makeup look on my youtube soon. 

Thanks for reading to end of my post. Hope you like all the outfits in this post. I might be reducing my outfit post for this year because of another commitment I will be starting soon. Can't always shops for clothes every month now. But I hope that I can create more outfit inspired for you out that!

Till Then.


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