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Another post of me in Melaka cafe ✌🏻I will compile a new list of places that I visit in Melaka in another post too. Melaka to me is not a new place to visit since is my mum and father in law hometown. I do hope to go to Melaka soon to see some new cafes and places.

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Finally my first Melaka post in my blog, during my trip to Melaka we explore some new places that we haven’t been to. Although Melaka is not the state that we like to go travel to, it is like our mandatory trip during the festival with our families there. But I always feel like there are always so many new and fun places to visit hence I always wanted to introduce Melaka to my readers via my blog!

Happy 2021!! Can't believe that 2020 has already passed and here we are welcoming 2021 now. I hope everyone stays blessed and healthy. Even though the pandemic is not yet over, but I really hope that we can back to a normal routine soon. Where everyone works as normal, we can hang out and travel again.
I really miss those times and could have never thought that we have been cope with the current lifestyle for almost a year now. 

I do feel responsible as I still travel across the state, but now we are trying to stay at home as long as we can due to the number does not look good. With the Chinese New Year coming soon, I don't think we can have a normal gathering like we always did. During my leave, I took some time off from work and I went to Johor and Melaka during that week. I have enough rest and somehow leaving my own house just somehow change and uplift my mood. 

Back to my weekend outfit routine, it been a while since I blog about my outfit too. A quick update of my life, still busy as usual and has been growing fat due to stress and work trip. Hopefully, I can be more determined to exercise more before my Vietnam trip! Now that shopping in Taobao, I will tend to look for dress or bottoms that can cover my fats. 

It's been a while since I blog about my weekend outfit in my blog. For today outfit post, it was a plaids suit outfit that I match a separate outer and skirt to one set outfit. It wasn't needed a lot of effort to create this look. Even though I bought the outer and skirt separately, luckily the pattern of both the outfit looks quite similar and it looks pretty coordinate together too when I wear it together.

Before I continue my Korea post, I want to share with you guys all the outfits I wear during my Korea trip on January 2019. The weather there can be - 3-degree midnight to 6 degrees in the day time. You can see there's a big difference in temperature from day to night. This is my first-time travel during winter time. The reason we plan for our winter trip is we want to try skiing and the second is we want to experience snow! Even though the snow experience we had is not a lot, but we are still enjoying and excited about it.

在我还没继续我的韩国旅程文章, 就想在这里分享我的韩国冬天穿搭。最冷可以到零下至六度,可以看到温差是差很多的吖。这还是我第一次到冬天的国家,当然想来韩国就是想滑雪和体验下雪。虽然没看到很浓厚的雪,但是我们还是挺享受整个旅途的。

Another BFF outfit series feat my #Swaggers, Nicole and Shin May!! Finally got time to share some of the chio photos we took when we visit to Selfie Museum. We manage to visit there when it is temporary close. We took a lot of photos and having a lot of fun here too. 

Time to back on my weekend outfit on my blog, for today look is this pink and grey coordinate. I recently do wear a lot of this color combination for my outfit. Not the normal color I will choose to wear, but both are my favorite color as a color selection. 

This year Chinese New Year, unlike my usual style I didn't wear a lot of red color outfit. I guess I wear enough during Christmas and time to back to some neutral color. Not much of outfit idea to share in this post, but would like to jot down what I wear for this year Chinese New Year.

Here my first ever OOTD post with my twin, Carinn to kickstart 2019 outfit post in my blog. Can't believe I actually manage to go Johor Bahru for year-end holiday and we plan our outfit taken together too. For those that both of us inside the photo, some are by some random stranger and we using a tripod as well. I love our outfit match and can't believe we bringing our outfit to another level too. This Red and Checkers matching are so pretty and chic!!

Woah My first time writing about my resolution feat the OOTDs photo that I take at JB at SYST 深夜食堂. Since the place here is much more vintage and hipster vibes, I find it is suitable for me to further think and write about my 2019 resolution with the photos I took here. Quite a personal post after for so long, let's just continue to read on. 

Don't get fool by my thumbnail photo because this is another weekend outfit post for Christmas. Can't believe that Christmas passes so quickly and now we are welcoming the new year in less than a week. December is such a busy month for me where my work, blog, and relationship life is really busy for me.

Finally here to post about my Singapore trip with babe Carinn! It's been like almost a month ago since w go there. This will be a very long post with all of our photos and photos I took during my trip to Singapore. I guess I consider lucky where the day we went around there's no rain and the rest of days just keep raining non-stop. I am happy also to be able to go to Singapore for a work trip!! Let's move on to our trip.

It's Christmas now and finally I can blog about my first Christmas outfit I take at One Utama. During this Christmas, they have a Kaleidoscopes playroom at the center court old wing area. I have been wanted to come here to see their Christmas decor as well. Thanks, Nicole also for hanging out with me the whole day and taking all these pretty photos for me.

Yay finally gonna blog about my most anticipating post!! So me and Nicole we plan for a boba milk tea date together. Not sure about others but both of us are a fan for boba and everything with boba just be extra yummy and delicious. 

I finally blog about this outfit that I have been wearing months ago!! I bought this top during my Bangkok trip and I really love it. I think that's a period where the rainbow outfit is on trend. This top is super bright and stands out when you wear it. And Yeap! I hope I get your attention to read my blog post here.

It's been a while since I share my weekend outfit here on my blog!! This time around I will be sharing this monochrome stripes outfit with my babe, Carinn. We went to the Robinson Store opening the last few weeks and we manage to plan out our outfit on that night too. Not forget that we took a lot of outfit photos together that I want to share it here in my post.

I've been dragging this post for the longest time ever! Hahaha, Since my weekend post about the Astaka Morocco, I been wanted to blog about another outfit I shoot at Cyberjaya too. Yes, we literally spend the entire day there shooting and hang out. This Tamarind Square is such a nice place to shoot. Too bad there's drizzling rain when we are there and we didn't shoot at their center outdoor forest area. Most of my photo will be more indoor and play with some of the corners at Tamarind Square.

Visiting Astaka Morocco during the Public Holiday the start of the month! Finally, I can share all the photos that I did here at Astaka Morocco too. I have cut down to only share some of my favorite ones in this post and in the meantime, I will also update in my social media too. Please stay tuned!

I know I'm a bit late with Athleisure trend in my blog here! So here I am back to my usual blog routine with my weekend outfit post. Athleisure is also part of the fashion trend that I would like to try. Especially getting track pants which can be super chio and fashionable is not that easy. Read on more to know about how I feel about this Athleisure look I created.