Time to back on my weekend outfit on my blog, for today look is this pink and grey coordinate. I recently do wear a lot of this color combination for my outfit. Not the normal color I will choose to wear, but both are my favorite color as a color selection. 

This pink top that I bought from Taobao, where I think is an impulsive buy which I find it does not suites me at all. Luckily is not expensive or in bad quality, but is just not my kind of style and I don't get it why I even bought this in the first place. 

I won't say is a terrible choice but the top makes me look bulky and fat. Definitely not those top that compliments me. For the bottom, is my favorite grey pants that I always wear. I don't have a lot of proper date shorts in my wardrobe, I prefer to wear jeans, culottes, and everything that should be comfortable and covered for me when I am outside. Since I have a fat belly to cover, choosing the perfect shorts is also not easy for me too. Anyone struggles?

I guess if I match with tight pants or skirt, the overall coordinate will look much more balanced. So to elongate the look, try to ask your photographer to take your photo from a lower angle. Then you will get the perfect long leg look for your look.

From up close, the top is quite flattering with a lot of petals lookalike, a very dreamy sweet top to wear. I should wear this with a different bottom and see what kind of different looks I can create with the top.

A little update of my life, I have been really busy lately due to work and still, have to balance life in social media and events. It does tear me out when I just having those breakdown moment and feel so incompetent of myself. I used to be the best and confident, and when shit happened it crashes my confidence and I start to blame myself.

Just need some off time to think about my life purpose, and constantly told myself that I should not put too much pressure on myself. Trying my best and fight through the obstacles. Hopefully, I can stay put and able to live the life that I want to!

Outfit details

Top | Taobao
Shorts | Refash
Bag | HermoxChristyNg
Shoes | Happy2u

Till Then

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