Here my first ever OOTD post with my twin, Carinn to kickstart 2019 outfit post in my blog. Can't believe I actually manage to go Johor Bahru for year-end holiday and we plan our outfit taken together too. For those that both of us inside the photo, some are by some random stranger and we using a tripod as well. I love our outfit match and can't believe we bringing our outfit to another level too. This Red and Checkers matching are so pretty and chic!!

Some of the shots we take inside the fake pool inside the cafe, Old Couples at Johor Bahru. The decor inside the cafe is so pretty and chio!! And surprisingly our outfit tone matches with the color tone on this corner.

Even the pool tiles are in pink color!! Super cute tone!! 

So here's how we contrast our matching, where Carinn actually bought the entire outfit exclude the caps which is mine, and I'm wearing her's one too hahaha! For mine, I already got the top and bottom that I want to match together except the cap. For my piece, all is pretty basic with a crop top and long pants, whereas Carinn top is halter design and culottes.

Old Couples 噢!老爷
16, Jalan Austin Heights 8/7, 
Taman JP Perdana, 81100 Johor Bahru

It was quite funny where the next photo corner has all the three colors matching with our outfit! This place has the Little Paris vibes as well, we took a lot of photos together in this corner. I couldn't decide on which filter I prefer, therefore the photos for this place has different other tones. 

I am not a tall girl to be start off, some of the photos do make me looks much shorter. A good pair of checkers pants is hard to find, I wouldn't say that I love this pair of pants because it literally looks like pajama pants. It's not easy to create a look with this kind of pants, but I am glad that I pull it through with a crop top, red boots and accessories.

Red is also a nice color to add some colors to your boring OOTD! I recommend having some red accessories or outfit in your wardrobe. You never when you need it! Especially during this festive season, I personally feel that is a must-have color in your outfit.

Which of the photo filter that you prefer?

Guess what both of us bought the same Hermo x Christy Ng round bag too!

Never enough of taking photos together! But we don't have one proper one without wearing any accessories, I guess we just have too many accessories at home. Time to bring it out! haha!

Lastly, check into a cafe and take funny selfies together!

Here's ended my outfit post with babe, Carinn! Time to get back in the schedule for all my blog and work after a long holiday. Thanks, Carinn for the company me for the whole day and glad that we made for another series of BFF outfit! We shall conquer more different BFF theme together.

Till Then.


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