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Continue my Day 4 Korea post where I visit N Seoul Tower where it was one of the To 10 Hallyu Attraction where is the famous spot where My Love from the Star film too. Besides gonna share the photos I took at N Seoul Tower, I got to wear try hanbok at one of the Kimchi Museum as well and also hands-on trying to cook the traditional bibimbap too! Day 4 is a quite full-filling day for us where we get to experience a lot of fun activities and catch up with some shopping at Myeong Dong Street too.

Before I continue my Korea post, I want to share with you guys all the outfits I wear during my Korea trip on January 2019. The weather there can be - 3-degree midnight to 6 degrees in the day time. You can see there's a big difference in temperature from day to night. This is my first-time travel during winter time. The reason we plan for our winter trip is we want to try skiing and the second is we want to experience snow! Even though the snow experience we had is not a lot, but we are still enjoying and excited about it.

在我还没继续我的韩国旅程文章, 就想在这里分享我的韩国冬天穿搭。最冷可以到零下至六度,可以看到温差是差很多的吖。这还是我第一次到冬天的国家,当然想来韩国就是想滑雪和体验下雪。虽然没看到很浓厚的雪,但是我们还是挺享受整个旅途的。

Time to continue my Korea Day 2 post, on the second day we go to Seoraksan National Park and spend most of my time at Yong Pyeong Ski Resort. The weather while I at Korea is around minus 3 to 6 7 degrees at day time. For my first part of this post, I will post photos I took at Seoraksan National Park.

Finally, time to blog about my Korea Day 1 journey. This time we decided to follow a tour to Korea as we plan for Skiing too. Basically, the tour just "baogaliao" and we don't have to plan for any itinerary. Therefore this entire trip is pretty tiring but also a fun and meaningful trip together. Also, Is been a while since we both went for a trip as a couple. We visited Korea on 11th January to 15th January, during that time is winter period it can reach -3 to 0 at night to 1 to 6 degrees in the day time. 

But I would say not only is it winter weather, but also the cold breezing wind at Korea too. Therefore it is best to pack up all your winter outfit, add on the face mask to prevent cold breezing wind on your face.