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Finally, one of our most interesting experiences in Bangkok is trying out Thai Traditional Clothings. It has been so famous that everyone visits Wat Arun while wearing Thai Traditional Clothing and taking photos around the temple. This place is so pretty with all the traditional Thai temples and the Temple Tower, making it the perfect location for tourists to come over for photos in Thai Traditional Clothing.

I have been keeping a lot of old outfits that I never post before and I decided to include this outfit I wore to Melaka too. This is a simple outfit post that I accidentally wear the same outfit unplanned with my BFF during our short trip to Melaka.

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Another post of me in Melaka cafe ✌🏻I will compile a new list of places that I visit in Melaka in another post too. Melaka to me is not a new place to visit since is my mum and father in law hometown. I do hope to go to Melaka soon to see some new cafes and places.

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Finally my first Melaka post in my blog, during my trip to Melaka we explore some new places that we haven’t been to. Although Melaka is not the state that we like to go travel to, it is like our mandatory trip during the festival with our families there. But I always feel like there are always so many new and fun places to visit hence I always wanted to introduce Melaka to my readers via my blog!

This week weekend outfit post is slightly a bit late.  I can't believe that I didn't on my laptop for the past two days. Been so busy going out and I finally buy a new handphone after using my note 3 for 5 years. Although the old phone still in good use,  but I always wanted to look for a phone that can achieve high-quality photos. Therefore I decide to buy a new handphone, I got myself an OPPO hp. Not to say it was a good phone.  But overall performance still up to my standard. 

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Finally, I have started my anniversary post with my high-tea session at Cafes Richard, Sky Avenue. If you haven't done so, you can read it here. So back to my outfit post today, it will be crazy lots of photos. Because since Sky Avenue has opened I haven't been to visit there, and finally I am here celebrating our love anniversary together. I might as well wear my favorite pieces and shoots lots of OOTD there!

Today outfit will be different from what I usually wear as well, the color and prints were what makes me fall in love at the first sight. Scroll down to see more pictures!

Ohai time to update my weekend outfit post for the week. After a hectic week of rushing all the pending post, I am a free girl now! I will still continue to share my beauty insights and weekend outfit weekly to my readers too. 

If you have been reading the past weeks, I have changed some of my blogging layouts style in my post and my website. Hope you guys love this style of my blogging layout, thanks for the continuous support and love too!

Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friend out there! I can't believe holidays had ended and guess what I have done during the holiday, going out celebrating my birthday and do some cafe hopping like the usual weekend we did. After back home, I will have to just rush post, edit photos and all the post-deadline are by end of June. 

I am exhausted that even during my rest time at home, I will be busy editing photos and updating my blog. I was so stressed until my hubby doesn't even dare to come near me or even talk to me. I wonder when this stress life ended!! T_T

Hello back to my usual weekend post of the week! It's been a while since I update my weekend outfit. It was rather delayed and late update on my outfits and my hair progress too. Follow my page @snowman1314 and Instagram @snowman_1314 for more current updates!

Today updates was a vintage flowery dress I got from one of my favorite online shop, When I buy this dress I wanted to wear it to my Lombok trip but I didn't. Dress like this is the most convenient outfit I love to wear.

What I wear to YSL Beaute Launching Party, there are so many photos I would want to share with all of you in one post. But I think I will skip for that instead I will blog on the outfit I wear on that day. It was my favorite kind of an outfit, with a really plain white shirt and super high waist black pants. It has been a while since I bought a white shirt. Coincidently I found another shirt design which was totally me and I decided to buy. 

Can't really think of what to wear for this launching party though, and monochrome is always the perfect color choice!

Feeling kinda demotivated in work recently, due to workload and changes in my working environment. I mean changes are always good, but I feel that I need time to breath through all the process and obstacles. Just hope for the best and will try my best out of it! I actually love to really go through my random thoughts whenever I start my weekend outfit post, hope that you guys don't mind it.

With my wedding coming in, I need to stay calm and be cool about it! Back to my weekend outfit topic, today outfit is mainly about army green which is currently in trend now in 2017. I manage to grab few of my favorite army green pieces, such as skirt and bomber jacket.

A weekend outfit on a Wednesday again! Today outfit will be a really colorful outfit which I kinda like it, as usual I don't always wear new outfit immediately. I got this top during last year I guess? I remember last time I used to be crazy buying clothes in batches haha! I stop now due to using a lot of money in my wedding. But recently crazily buy a lot of clothes from Taobao, still waiting for the package to reach. Okay please don't judge me. I really love the feeling of receiving the parcel, I mean who doesn't haha!

Back to today outfit, this top was kinda deep V for me! Well, I did some sewing here last minute, but it doesn't really see much from the photos here. 

A short update post about my weekend outfit, I wear this really casual outfit at Le Pont Boulangerie. It was a normal outfit where I just wear my new top I bought from Dezumondo Boutique at Times Square.

 It was a really comfy top with fluffy details where I will show you why it is so. The top was really loose on me, but I still find it comfortable to wear which doesn't cause many issues on that.

Ohai!! Recently been sick for a week and just visit the doctor today. Feeling much better after a day of resting as well, got myself few packs of medicine to eat. Can't believe this is my first time taking MC during my past five years of working life, haha! 

Back to my weekend post, I bought 2 dress during the past months. Thinking of just combine these two outfits together in this post! Plus the color of this both dress is red and blue which can be a contrast of sharing in this weekend outfit post.

Yay to a Monochrome outfit to kick start my Chinese New Year mood. Monochrome outfit never fails or outdated too. I wear this outfit during the Pablo Matcha Launch at One Utama. Recently I bought a lot of off shoulder top recently and this is one of my favorite of all. I buy this during 11.11 and received it after more than a month later.

Finally, I am able to wear this! Stripes monochromes are always the classic choice and it never grows old fashion but is the one and important basics that everyone needs it!

Hey, peeps here's to my first post of 2017! I save this number 40 posts of my weekend outfit for my first post of the year. As usual, I will blog about some recaps on 2016 and truly a blessed year of 2016. Today photo is taken by beloved BFF Shin May at The Good Co! 

We had the Mushroom Soup and the Chia Feed bowl which are all vegan and really healthy meal to start our day too!

Hola! Another Weekend Outfit post on a mid week! I literally can't wait for 12.12 over and start to clear my leave during the year end. Anything better than just rest and sleep at home? Today post will be a bit different because I'm blogging about BFF outfit I match with my blogger friend, Lee Shin May do check out her blog and facebook too!

So what do you guys think about matching outfit? What defines a matching outfit? Is it necessary to get all the same color? Same T-shirt or shoes? The answer would be NO! Just try be more creative as possible when you plan out a matching outfit with your loved ones or your friend.

Ohai a short update on my weekend outfit! As promise I been wearing jeans outfit recently and this is the another pair of jeans which I really like. I like how it can prolong my body proportion and it was high waisted too. 

When I first saw the model wear the jeans, I was definitely feeling to own these jeans for myself. But upon receiving this pair of jeans, I was not liking it due to its cutting and make me looks shorter after wearing it. But after I try and create a fun outfit with this jeans. I straight away fall in love with this pair of jeans! Read more to see more outfit details.

Hey peeps, gonna do a short update on my weekend outfit. I will busy coming Thursday and Friday. But will be only staying home during the weekends due to Bersih happening on this weekend too. I hope that I can manage to blog 2 posts before the weekend. Feeling motivated now again.

Can't wait for the weekend to arrive so that I can rest and spend the rest of my weekend at home.

What's your plan for coming weekend? Mine was pretty busy and hope I have enough energy to survive the coming campaign from my company. Btw I finally visited the new Ikea just near my house, but I was there for lunch and not enough time really shop and take a photo too. Hope I can visit there again and take some fun outfit shots there.

Here's to another pink weekend outfit post!