Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friend out there! I can't believe holidays had ended and guess what I have done during the holiday, going out celebrating my birthday and do some cafe hopping like the usual weekend we did. After back home, I will have to just rush post, edit photos and all the post-deadline are by end of June. 

I am exhausted that even during my rest time at home, I will be busy editing photos and updating my blog. I was so stressed until my hubby doesn't even dare to come near me or even talk to me. I wonder when this stress life ended!! T_T

There's been a lack of update on my weekend outfit post too! There's a lot of outfits I really like in the month of June. Firstly is because my hair color has been really standing out and I been playing a lot of makeup recently. Not forget I do more shopping after ended my marriage commitment too So you can imagine that my wardrobe exploded after this.

So I got this beautiful flower blue romper from Zalora during Chinese New Year. I didn't wear it until now then, haha! I have this bad habit where when I buy an outfit I don't usually wear it immediately I love to keep and keep until I remember to wear it. LOL

I found out that I never really try out romper before and this kind of mature print on myself. When I first saw the unique sleeve design and the pattern that was totally new for me, I fall in love in this romper and decided to buy it back home. 

A close look at the outfit details, it has an open slit on both of the sleeve. Not too over sexy though but I love how flowy the sleeve on my hand. The front design was rather sexy because it was kinda deep V cover design, you can wear a black tube/spaghetti inside the romper. And also a string for you to secure the romper onto your waistline too!

To complete the look, I wear my recent heels I bought from ChristyNg! It comes in beautiful embroidery on the back of the heels and design in beautiful pink rose color. I love that it was in velvet texture where it looks super classy and pretty too.

Outfit Details

Romper | Zalora
Heels | ChristyNg



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