Ohai!! Recently been sick for a week and just visit the doctor today. Feeling much better after a day of resting as well, got myself few packs of medicine to eat. Can't believe this is my first time taking MC during my past five years of working life, haha! 

Back to my weekend post, I bought 2 dress during the past months. Thinking of just combine these two outfits together in this post! Plus the color of this both dress is red and blue which can be a contrast of sharing in this weekend outfit post.

I wear this dress during Christmas 2016, however I didn't share it because nobody helps me to take photos of this outfit. So I decide to wear it out during this Hada Labo launching event. Coincidently the dress code is white and a tinge of red. But I decide to wear it all red on that day!

This was so far my favorite red dress because of its blazer collar v-neck and the button design in front. This is all the unique point that has catches my eye! Plus I got this dress during the boutique having buy 2 free 1 deals which are a really good deal to buy it.

It comes in V-neck Collar design, I love that the design is not too sexy but it's also better to wear tube bra top. The design of the dress comes in free size which suitable for S-M size to wear.

Makeup and Hair of the day. This was before my hair retouch, you can see the blue color faded and my hair color becomes grayish tone. My lipstick of the day was using one of my color pop lipstick which has really opac and pigmented color which stay on my lips the whole day.

Outfit Details

Choker | Markets21
Heels | Zalora
Bag | Carlo Rino

Another dress outfit grayish blue during my Valentine date with my boyfriend. Can't see clearly the color of the dress but I really love the grayish dark blue color of the dress which match with my hair very much haha!

I got this dress during the boutique having 50% off for their newly launch online boutique! Can't believe that I actually bought two of the dress during the promo period I saw online. This is why I always shopping a lot online haha! Deals and promo are hard for me to stay resist on.

This is a robe dress where it comes it two way of wearing it. One wears it as a dress where you wrap all the way as a dress. I tie a big round around my waist as the shop just tie it on the one side of the suit. 

Another way is to wear as an outer robe to match with your outfit when I saw how the owner style it I was fall in love immediately with how versatile this robe dress can be. 

Match with my new pair of flats from Jelly Bunny! I love how it shines differently in every different angle. Most of the times it comes in a very pretty emerald green, it can be in purple or blue color too. Which I find it quite a mysterious color and design.

Outfit Details

Pajamas Suit | Daywear(50% Off)
Flats | Jelly Bunny

Tell me in the comment below which dress you like?



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  1. love the red one over the blue outfit :) It's striking, best for photography! Also, your hair colour suits you :)