A short update post about my weekend outfit, I wear this really casual outfit at Le Pont Boulangerie. It was a normal outfit where I just wear my new top I bought from Dezumondo Boutique at Times Square.

 It was a really comfy top with fluffy details where I will show you why it is so. The top was really loose on me, but I still find it comfortable to wear which doesn't cause many issues on that.

Here's why it was so flowy! Whenever I move or turn around wearing this top, it will create beautiful flowy details. This top is a pretty cute top, where the front details were in the normal length and upon to the back details, it was actually longer. I love this small fishtail design look on the back of the top.

Coffee, Tea time in Le Pont Boulangerie.

The behind details on the top is the crossover strip which gives a little sexy back look. The top color was in blue and white color in small stripes pattern. I always have some love for blue and white stripes pattern! 

With only RM39, it was considered a really good deal to really buy this! Material wise is considered comfy but I don't feel that it can stand heat and sweat. Recommend to wear it indoor too.

Love this candid pose. Although I look unprepared and not posed for anything, but I love how natural the pose and movement are.

Few of the sitting pose I took at the cafe. Love this corner a lot, as it was really zen and artistic too.

Outfit Details

Top | Dezumondo Boutique
Jeans | Twmall
Sneakers | Twmall

Photo Credits to Shin May

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  1. Wow, I love the shirt. And your shoes, as well. It does looks really very comfortable. perfect for lazy sundays

  2. nice outfit!! look casual n smart!! i like especially the back part 's strip.