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Although this year's birthday we did not travel overseas, we still managed to plan a short trip to Genting Skyworlds Theme Park. Ever since the theme park reopened last year in February, I have not yet been to the theme park to try out all the newly open attractions. Since we don’t have plans we decided to plan a short vacation to Genting for my birthday celebration this year.

Can’t believe that we have less than a month till Christmas. As usual, I will also update my Christmas ootd to my blog, I also plan my outfit accordingly to see to visit which mall for this Christmas season. Can’t wait to share my Christmas outfit with you guys. Before I start the Christmas outfit post, I want to share this ootd look where it’s my first ootd look after I dye my whole hair blonde. This is also my first time trying to dye my whole hair blonde.
Sometimes, I really just wanna record my ootd look in my blog here, today post is two of my full-white weekend outfits! When I browsed through them I realized I wore a similar style and color, so I just compiled the two looks outfits into one blog post. I did a lot of throwbacks recently because I kept traveling a lot this year and took a lot of ootd photos that I keep compiling. I also cut down my weekend outfit look because of all those travel photos waiting for me to post.

I have been keeping a lot of old outfits that I never post before and I decided to include this outfit I wore to Melaka too. This is a simple outfit post that I accidentally wear the same outfit unplanned with my BFF during our short trip to Melaka.

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