Can’t believe that we have less than a month till Christmas. As usual, I will also update my Christmas ootd to my blog, I also plan my outfit accordingly to see to visit which mall for this Christmas season. Can’t wait to share my Christmas outfit with you guys. Before I start the Christmas outfit post, I want to share this ootd look where it’s my first ootd look after I dye my whole hair blonde. This is also my first time trying to dye my whole hair blonde.
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I really like my new hair color and it’s made my complexion look much fairer too. I wear this black floral dress which I wear before last time to Langkawi and it has been in my wardrobe since. Although I have gained weight since I still can fit the dress.

After 6 months of growing out my hair, I think of continuing to go blonde and will change to another hairstyle. It’s not easy to take care of blonde hair when your black hair grows again. It looks annoying and ugly but slowly I just leave it as it is.

A full-body look of me with my new blonde hair.

For today's photo, I used my CCD camera to capture my new blonde hair. I love the vintage-style filter and how it complements my black floral dress, making my skin appear even fairer.

To complete my outfit, I opted for a more adorable look with a pair of socks and Mary Jane shoes I recently purchased. I prefer the classic black and white color combination, as it easily complements any kind of outfit. As for my bag, I bring along my trusty micro COS bag, as it is both cute and versatile. I have been carrying it around since I got it, as it's just the perfect size for all my essentials.

I really like my hair which can be really blonde and gold under different filters and lighting.

That's all on my short post update about my new blonde hair look ๐Ÿ˜Š Can't wait for more Christmas content up soon. Hope you guys are as excited as I am!

Till Then

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