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Can’t believe that we have less than a month till Christmas. As usual, I will also update my Christmas ootd to my blog, I also plan my outfit accordingly to see to visit which mall for this Christmas season. Can’t wait to share my Christmas outfit with you guys. Before I start the Christmas outfit post, I want to share this ootd look where it’s my first ootd look after I dye my whole hair blonde. This is also my first time trying to dye my whole hair blonde.
Back to noms time with me, I really like spending time with friends and loves one enjoying food together. It was really a great bonding time with each other. Therefore finding a good and comfortable cafe is really important. 

That Comma Café a hidden gem located at Setia Alam. Maybe you'll find some time to search for this cafe, it was located upstairs of the building. You will saw one big COMMA on the board and that's how you recognize the place.

When I first went in, the ambiance was really comfortable and relaxing. You will saw a their big black wall which I felt it was really unique as I first time encounter really dark black wall during cafe hopping. But somehow the black wall brings out the other side of the cafe too.