Back to noms time with me, I really like spending time with friends and loves one enjoying food together. It was really a great bonding time with each other. Therefore finding a good and comfortable cafe is really important. 

That Comma Café a hidden gem located at Setia Alam. Maybe you'll find some time to search for this cafe, it was located upstairs of the building. You will saw one big COMMA on the board and that's how you recognize the place.

When I first went in, the ambiance was really comfortable and relaxing. You will saw a their big black wall which I felt it was really unique as I first time encounter really dark black wall during cafe hopping. But somehow the black wall brings out the other side of the cafe too. 

Although the wall is cover with full black but there is some really cozy corner for you to enjoy your tea time with friends too.

If you doesn't mind, you can even read your favorite comics book in this small corner.

Lightning is really important too, each table corner was set up with a vintage wall lamp which makes the picture frame on the wall  stands out even more.

I simply love how picture worthy That Comma Café was. You can get a insta worthy picture any where you want.

In these four photo I can't really choose any either 1 that I like, because you can see how concentrate each of them are. Even the Owner here are really friendly and help out with everything they can help. Each of them are able to do everything from scratch. 

Sitting at That Comma Café.

Mint Latte 

This Mint Latte was specially create to all the mint lover drink. If you are a simply plain coffee lover, maybe you will find this drink too minty to drink. Since you already get use of the coffee fragrance and taste. Something special for mint lover.


Four Season Drink.

From Left to Right (Spring  Summer  Autumn  Winter)

Gem Mint RM 11 | Sparkling Mint Citrus RM 11 
Lemon Glade RM 11 | Tropicana Banana RM 13

I love the presentation of each of the drink. Looking so colorful and make me really anticipate of how the drinks might taste like.

Gem Mint (Spring) RM 11

I love love this drink good for hot weather in Malaysia especially spring time. There are mix salt and sugar on the edge of the cup that create the gem crystal. Upon drinking you can have a taste of the mix gem and mint leaves on the surface too! A really refreshing drink and my favorite drink among the others. The presentation looks like Marguerita drinks but that doesn't contains any alcohol. So freezy and refreshing look!

Sparkling Mint Citrus (Summer) RM 11

Added with mint syrup, some orange cube and lemon slice. A little more cooling with mint syrup leaving the minty and cooling sensation. Orange and Lemon combo is good for dehydrated weather too! 

Lemon Glade (Autumn) RM 11  

Until the autumn drink, the color of maple's leaves. I love the color of the drink as I always love autumn season. The tea was from Earl Grey Tea leaving a bitter after taste of it. Honey was added too instead of sugar. Overall this was kind of a healthy autumn drink to choose.

Tropicana Banana (Winter) RM 13

Winter drink is here, maybe you will wonder why winter so cold still want to drink cold drink. But this is the most fun part with the mixing of coconut, milk and banana. There are chocolate in the inner cup too. The flavor of this drink was really thick like milk shake. Fun to slurp and drink it too!

Savory Pizza 9"

Hawaiian Chicken RM 18.50 | Comma Canadian RM 15.90

Hawaiian Chicken RM 18.50

What I love about That Comma Café's Pizza is because of its thin crust! It was really crunchy and yummy crust. You won't feel too full either after eating the Pizza because the topping and the crust give the perfect balance taste of a Pizza. Although they are serving their pizza in crispy thin crust but the Topping of chicken and tomato was quite full filling.

Comma Canadian RM 15.90

My Top Favorite Pizza will be this! One of their signature Pizza too. You will kinda addict with their thin crust because it was really crispy and crunchy. Topping was full with Bacon Slices and Olive. You can see there are many BACON slices and MOZARELLA CHEESE bake together on this Comma Canadian Pizza.

Crazy Banana RM 16.90

After the 2 savory pizza we have, Scott introduce one of the sweet pizza they have! Feeling a bit crazy for banana? Try this Crazy Banana with Kaya Butter base, Banana and Coconut flakes on top. I really like this Crazy Banana because I am lover for Kaya! The Base was really yummy and taste of kaya was really rich. Never knew that Kaya and Banana can mix so perfectly together!

Carbonara with Pork Bacon, Sauteed Mushroom & Herbs 
RM 16.50

Love the sauteed mushroom and the pasta together. Always love carbonara pasta with sauteed mushroom. The mushroom cream was really mild and creamy which they mix with their own recipe. I am not normally a pasta person but dining in Comma Cafe with Pasta in the menu. Its actually let me fall in love with pasta once again.

Pasta Pork Bacon Aglio E Oglio RM 16.50

Another special Pasta dish from Comma Cafe. I have so many surprise taste when I am here. I like the spiciness of this Pasta with their dried chili where they actually slices it themselves. Bacon was crispy inside out, always my favorite. Scott keep asking us to taste what's the special of this Aglio E Oglio. They added Ginger flower in this dish which really surprise me as the ginger taste is not really strong but it gives the after taste in it.

Grilled Chicken with Tomato Puree Based Rise RM 19.50

If you are a cheese lover you can order this dish! I love the cheese that they put inside the rice, on top of the Grilled Chicken and surround the rice too. Better to Mix and Eat it while it is still hot. Love the cheesy sensation and the grilled chicken was really yummy too!

Signature Breakfast RM27.50

Got to enjoy this total of 12 Inches Sausage in their Signature Breakfast Set. Perfect combo of hams, bacon, sausage, bread, hash brown and scramble egg. The sausage is really chewy and really filling taste.

Pork Knuckle ( NEW DISH)

It like a combination of their Signature Breakfast but to a upgrade version. That consist of German's Knuckle, Foot Long Pork Sausage, Pork Ribs, Pork Meatball, Onion Rings, Vegetables, Caramelize Sweet Potato, Mashed Potatoes, BBQ Sauce and Bread.

This was totally a FUSION PORK DISH I would describe. Pork Rib (Top Image) was really yummy, that marinated with some oriental sauce. German's Knuckle Slices(Middle Image) was the best that are crunchy outside but tender inside. Although it was a bit salty but do try some of the boiled vegetables to balance out your taste bud. So that you can fully enjoy the rest of the Pork Dish. The Pork Meatball is special made by Comma Cafe too. So juicy and crunchy outer.

BBQ Sauce was really the best since they made it their own recipe, it taste was sour and salty together. Caramelize Fried Sweet Potato (Middle Position) was so addicting too! It was really crispy outside that I thought inside would be hard too. But surprisingly it was really soft inside which I really like it. We have the foot long sausage along witht he big set too. Recommend for 4-6 people serving.

Strawberry Parfait RM 16.90

Love this combination of Vanilla Ice Cream, Oreo Biscuit Crust and Strawberry slices in this Parfait. The strawberry slices was really fresh and nice to eat. 

Coffee Parfait RM 13.90

The Coffee was somehow out of my expectation because never I have such delicious Coffee Dessert. This Tiramisu Ice Cream just blend so well with the biscuit and coffee bean crust. This dessert was so Coffee and Taste really nice.

Close look of the parfait.

Signature Brownies RM 19.90

Can tell you guys how much I love this brownies. I am a chocolate lover and this dessert was definitely mouth watering to just watch it. The first thought that popping out in my mind was Where is the Brownies? 

The surface of this molten chocolate was really so glossy and the chocolate topping was added on top of the molten chocolate.

There is this Hot Chocolate beside the serving. Is for you to pour over the Chocolate Molten. It took around less than 1 minute to melt the Chocolate Molten. Is just melt together with the Hot Chocolate and along the Mint Ice Cream on top of the brownies.

The view was so mouth watering to watch it. Their brownies was really sponge and the taste of the chocolate was not that sweet at all. But still I prefer to have this dessert share along with my friends too. The mint Ice Cream some how just balance out the sweet chocolate taste. It was a perfect dessert to end our taste bud.

That Comma Café was take over by Scott and Vivian which are both of them are from designer background. Although Comma Cafe was just open for 1 year and half, but they have gone through 3rd time of renovation to become better and better. Improving and creative is what a designer did. I love how they keep improvise and creativity they both did in Comma Cafe. They give and provide the best they could to customer. That Comma Café have almost all recipe was created by own and having their own homemade sauce and mixing ingredients too.

With more and more interesting dish they will be adding soon. Don't forget to visit That Comma Cafe when you are around Setia Alam.

Lastly That Comma Café have a New Lunch Deal Promo that you wouldn't want to miss it! That you can can get a SET MEAL of Main Course + Salad + Drinks with only RM 12.90. Available during Weekdays only.

That Comma Café . 逗号咖啡馆

17, Jalan Setia Prima A U13/A
Shah Alam, Malaysia
03-3358 4456



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  1. The cafe looks too dim for my liking. I prefer to eat at brighter places. I do, however, think the food looks great!

  2. I couldn't agree more when you said that its picture worthy place no matter on which side are you, cause it is! Just look at all your photos and I already feel so attracted. They do really have nice ambiance of a cafe. And the menu you showed just get me CRAZY. Until I saw there's pork. Guess it wasn't meant for me. T_T

    1. Awwww that's too sad to hear from you! Never mind you still can try their non pork serving ya =D

  3. The interior is cozy! And I would like to have a plate of the pork knuckle. It does look good and tender. But Setia Alam is a tad far for me :(

    1. Ya I know place are quite far! But if you happen to be at Setia Alam you can always visit That Comma Cafe =D

  4. Nice food and drinks served :P Like the environment so much, why I never heard about this cafe since Setia Alam so near my place!

  5. Thats alot of interesting drinks they have there! :) but unfortunately this place is too far for me

    1. Is okay you can always drop by at the cafe when you are at Setia Alam =D

  6. Yupp.. too far, but the food looks so sinfully delicious that it is probably best for me that it is out of my reach. Love your photos by the way.

  7. Really nice dishes out there!!! kaya and banana are good friends.

  8. My favourite, Hawaiian Chicken looks delicious. I want to try the pasta too. Yummy...

  9. Wow! Setia Alam sure is starting to boom.

  10. See these pictures all and my stomach started growling... sighh.... susah lah macam ini... so tempting.... huhuh

  11. This cafe look nice and the food so attractive. Wondering the pizza portion is big or not? want to try at this cafe

    1. 8 Slices ya! I think it was alright to order it as a snack hehe =D

  12. The place looks slightly dark to my liking.. Is it? But the Four Seasons drink.. Would be a great remedy to my parched throat right now.

  13. the setting of the whole cafe is very dark, nice deco too. and the food looks rather amazing, especially the coffee and desserts, very attracted to it.

  14. I like their table presentation and put some doll on table. Really have feel cafe.

  15. Lol, nice pictures especially the pizza! By the way you didn't state much details about the place though i understand you are trying to go for "pictures speak a thousand words". Do they have a time limit policy for dining/ chilling there or do they have wifi that so that people can dine & do their work at the same time?

    1. I don't think they have! So don't worry Arisa you can always chill and yes they have wifi too! =D

  16. The cafe is really hipster and insta worthy. Just want to hang out there with friends and drink mint latte.

  17. The Four Season Drink looks really colorful and interesting, will visit this place soon ;)

  18. Ohhhh...the place looks instagram worthy. :) and food price is reasonable too.

  19. looks nice, and very hispterish.. but the colour all comes out a bit reddish, or is that a new style now? :)

  20. I think I'm gonna love this place, very hipster and got the chillax feel!