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I have been to Melaka for so many times and this is my second long post about places to visit in Melaka. I can’t wait to share with you guys what I have been to in Melaka for the last year. I also added new places to visit if I plan to go to Melaka again.

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Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is proud to unveil the world's first Coach Airways, a unique retail concept store, and café housed in a transformed 1981 Boeing 747-230B aircraft.

The ambitious project began in April 2021 and saw the successful acquiring, transferring, assembling, and completing the Boeing 747 in May 2023. With a length of 231 feet 10 inches and a wingspan of 195 feet 8 inches, the Boeing 747 was once hailed as the largest civilian aircraft in the world during the late 1960s. Today, it takes on a new role as the world's first-ever Coach outlet in a Boeing 747 aircraft.

I have been keeping a lot of old outfits that I never post before and I decided to include this outfit I wore to Melaka too. This is a simple outfit post that I accidentally wear the same outfit unplanned with my BFF during our short trip to Melaka.

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My last post about my Melaka trip will be all the food that we had during the trip. Not much but there's like a total of 5 food places I'm gonna blog about in this post. It includes Nyonya, Chinese, and some local food in Melaka. Read more to know about all the food destinations I visit when I go to Melaka.

Continue my post on my Cuti-Cuti Malaysia post where let's go travel locally in Malaysia during this time. As my previous post on our lovely Nyonya shoot at Swan Garden Hotel with Nyonya outfit, this time I want to bring you guys around Melaka. Seriously I been to Melaka numerous times, but I rarely go explore what's really nice there. This time since we are going to Melaka to celebrate my birthday and, what are things that I like to do? Yes! Finding and Exploring some nice places to take photos! 

I figure and try to update this post as frequently as I can because I still have few places that I didn't manage to go visit due to COVID and limited time of exploring Melaka! I definitely hope to visit Melaka again to visit those places I miss out on from my list in the future.

Back to another staycation post with my favorite gang #CMNS!! This time we will be invading to Melaka and although Carinn and I have been traveling more often to Melaka with our own family. But this time we are here in Melaka with CMNS gang and it's been almost a year ago since we last travel together to Penang and now finally to Melaka. Hopefully, we can also plan another trip soon to JB by the end of the year. 

Before I blog about this shooting and the hotel we shoot and stay at, I want to thanks Swan Garden Hotel Melaka, Tiffany Yong, Hf Photo Studio, and Penang Nyonya Culture for making this post happen! Also want to thanks my twinnie, Carinn for inviting all of us along to this trip to Melaka. Never thought that every one of us is so spontaneous and we immediately arrange our schedule to make this trip happen. Not only I will share with you guys on the shooting photos, but also I will bring you guys through the hotel rooms we shot at!

Happy Chinese New Year y'all! Here are another two outfits I want to share with you guys I wear during Chinese New Year. To be frank, I am not too excited about wearing new clothes during the Chinese New Year. I do buy one cheongsam from Taobao buy due to my carelessness, therefore, the shipment has been delayed till now. I do hope that I can receive the cheongsam before the Chinese New Year end on the 8th of February. Finger crossed!

Finally able to share some of my red dress wear to the famous Pantai Pasi Klebang at Malacca. It was such an adventurous journey where we walk and search for this place without a proper guide or a car. Walking in the sun definitely not fun at all! When we finally saw this beautiful desert place in front of our eyes, it was really worth it and happy. Well if you are looking for this place, you can search for Submarine Museum Melaka in Google Map. Is not exactly where the location, you will need to walk for 20 minutes when you first saw the entrance. Bring your own water bottle, umbrella, cap and sunglasses too! 

It's my favorite post of the week. My another weekend outfit with my recent favorite pattern, that is this grey plaid that is quite famous for the outfit matching for autumn and winter season. I can't believe that we are in the last month of the year. There are so many wonderful things happen in this year 2017. I can't wait to the summarize of this year 2017 in this blog!

This outfit shooting is pretty simple as we headed to a cafe after visiting Malacca River. The cafe is really pretty and design in vintage feel too which somehow match with my overall outfit look.

Not only that I am back with my Face of the Month but also my weekend outfit post too. Kinda anticipating this weekend outfit post up on my blog. The photos here are so pretty and love all of the shots of this outfit too. Pretty much updated as this entire lookbook is taken along Malacca River. The post is up immediately after I returned from Malacca 2 days ago.

Nudes color is my kinda favorite recently, love how it tones down my look and gives a feel that is in peace too. You may also check out my previous Pink Nudes outfit post here too.
hi peeps, its weekend again. Finally school starts and been busy everyday and tired. Because still need some time to adjust my sleep time and rest time. Still worry about my work and hope it does went well. So that I can really enjoy my holiday and Chinese New Year. 

Today I will continue my Melacca trip part 2 with this super antique and feel cafe. Although I always went to Jonker Street each time I am at Melacca but I never been to this cafe before.

We didn't drive to Jonker Street instead we just walk there and here's our group photo.
Hi peeps, finally I have some time to update my Melacca trip with my church gang on the December. I will separate to 2 post because went to another cafe that is really well design and nice at Jonker Street as well. The new Upside Down House Gallery just open on November 2014. Although this gallery is still new, but you can see crowd are lining up for their turn to go in. When we reach after our breakfast around 11+am, there are already group of tour group lining up and waited for their turn to go in.

We have no choice, the people in charge told us to either wait or to enjoy Nadeje cake first just near the gallery.

Hello peeps, today will blog about my short trip to Melacca. There is some place at Melacca that we still haven't go visit yet. This time we decided went to A'famosa Water Theme Park and Melacca Zoo Night Safari. We always went to Jonker Street without fail because I love to shop stall besides road usually they sell some nice and cheap stuffs. I will show you guys some shopping haul I went Jonker Street. Both of us never went to Waterpark before so this time we decided to have fun with water but I didn't take much photo of the waterpark and still consider should I write a post about the fun time we spend at the Waterpark.

We went to Melacca Zoo Night Safari on that same day we spend at the Waterpark. Although we are still tired and exhausted but we also manage to enjoy the night at the zoo. We went there around 8:45pm is still not too late because they open the Night Safari until 11pm. We did go through their websites for some info about their opening hours and ticket price. We even call through their hotline to enquire about their whole visiting including what activities. I will slowly share all my experience with all of you because I really enjoy the visit. 

Me and the welcome board.