hi peeps, its weekend again. Finally school starts and been busy everyday and tired. Because still need some time to adjust my sleep time and rest time. Still worry about my work and hope it does went well. So that I can really enjoy my holiday and Chinese New Year. 

Today I will continue my Melacca trip part 2 with this super antique and feel cafe. Although I always went to Jonker Street each time I am at Melacca but I never been to this cafe before.

We didn't drive to Jonker Street instead we just walk there and here's our group photo.

Because the cafe design is really antique and beautiful. So I took many photo of the interior design at Calanthe Art Cafe. So most the 80% of the post is all the photos! XD The cafe is near to Jonker Street, I have been pass the cafe a lot of time but never really went it.

The design is antique + creative modern design. 

I love some of the nature part of the design, with the wigs on the ceiling.

Using campbell's tin to collage a wood tree on the wall.

Some of the wall is decorated with artistic painting.

A bit of Chinese design feel washroom.

I super duper love their recycle design on the ceiling.

Since Christmas just pass, Christmas tree is a must!

Mandarin word meaning couple bridge.

Their wall color are really colorful color and it makes the design stand out among the cafe. You really can't see it from outside the cafe. You'll have to really went inside sit and relax to enjoy their coffee.

You can see many meaningful quotes they write.

One of the main attraction of this cafe is they have 13 states coffee sold here. Each coffee from different states taste differently and it's depend on your favorite coffee of the states! 

Beautiful and shining chandelier.

Golden Rice with Chicken rendang. RM15+ Nasi Briyani style and the herb Chicken Rendang. Is my all time favorite Malay food, Chicken Rendang and Nasi Lemak.

If you are not someone who love or cannot eat spicy food, you can order their Butter Sauce Chicken. Come with vege as well. Looks so appetizing, yummy!

Claypot E-mee Laksa RM11.45 Laksa gravy is cooked in claypot & soaked with thin noodle. Served with the fishballs, fried beancurd, skin, thin eggs strips, shredded cucumber and prawn.

One of their specialty you must order here! Their laksa is not like the normal laksa you can found it at Kl or Selangor. The gravy was so appetizing and adicting, wih santan and curry. Not really spicy but enough to spice up the whole dish. The BEST laksa I ever tried before.

The delicious Claypot E-mee Laksa. Not only taste good but smell good too!

The Malaysian style brownie, not to our expectation. Too hard to even bite or slice it, lol. 

Table with art.

Many photo frame on the wall.

Award from this cafe.

Santa Claus welcoming us.

And tin Christmas treeee!!

The signboard outside stated Malaysia 13 States' Coffee.

Vintage pos and some business plate.


Cute phone dial! So vintage.

And Tv.

Calanthe Art Cafe.

Coffee drips and more coffee!!

The outside signboard. With words stick on the woods.

Our group photo before we leave this super jeng cafe. Do drop by if you are here at Jonker Street. I will never forget the taste of the delicious laksa!! Will be back for it next time I am here at Jonker again. 

Till Then.

Calanthe Art Cafe @ Jonker Street

Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75200 Melaka
Phone:06-292 2960
Open Daily 
8:30 am – 12:00 am


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