Back to another staycation post with my favorite gang #CMNS!! This time we will be invading to Melaka and although Carinn and I have been traveling more often to Melaka with our own family. But this time we are here in Melaka with CMNS gang and it's been almost a year ago since we last travel together to Penang and now finally to Melaka. Hopefully, we can also plan another trip soon to JB by the end of the year. 

Before I blog about this shooting and the hotel we shoot and stay at, I want to thanks Swan Garden Hotel Melaka, Tiffany Yong, Hf Photo Studio, and Penang Nyonya Culture for making this post happen! Also want to thanks my twinnie, Carinn for inviting all of us along to this trip to Melaka. Never thought that every one of us is so spontaneous and we immediately arrange our schedule to make this trip happen. Not only I will share with you guys on the shooting photos, but also I will bring you guys through the hotel rooms we shot at!

About staying at Swan Garden Hotel Melaka, you can get to enjoy and choose any theme of the room that you like when you are staying here. They have a total of 4 room concepts, Balinese, Baba & Nyonya, Malay Traditional, and British India theme. For more info on their room concept, you may click here.

Our Stay - Baba & Nyonya Theme for Deluxe room

 Here's our stay of the night at Swan Garden Hotel Melaka, our room concept is Baby and Nyonya Theme. When you first walk in, you will see there's a small pantry area for hot water kettle, bottle drinks, and also cups. In this corner, there's also a hint of Baby and Nyonya where they have vintage Chinese vase and the craving pattern on the cupboard.

You can find some other essential needs in the wardrobe, such as iron board, iron, and also not forget about the safety box to keep your important belonging inside.

When you are in the toilet, with the tiles decor you can actually much feeling like you are in Baba and Nyonya where they have all these classic vintage print tiles in most of their floor tiles in their house and buildings.

Super huge and comfortable bed for 3 people! But if you are here with a family of four, I don't see there's an issue as we four of us pretty much squeeze in and sleep together.

Not forgetting they have also a big TV in the room and a corner of vanity for girls to make up.

Photoshooting - Balinese Theme Swan Garden Suite

For the next 3 rooms that I'm gonna introduce, we are in the hotel room for a fun and sweet sisterly Nyonya Shooting with HF Photostudio. For our first shooting room is at this Balinese Theme Swan Garden Suite. 

When you walk to this room you will be greeted by this Balinese Engraving on the wall. It was quite a miss because there's not enough lightning to take a nice photo and space to squeeze us 4 in a photo. But still, it is a nice engraving which gives the most Balinese vibes along the entrance walking towards the room.

A comfy bed as usual!

Not forget to take some photo with the Balinese Theme Swan Garden Suite room.

They have a corner for TV and table area with a chair.

They have a much bigger bathroom here too! Can you guess which corner of the room do I like the most? It is the corner with the flower vase! The bathtub area which is facing the balcony area gives the best lighting when you are taking bath there.

Love the Balinese aesthetic of this corner!

Photoshooting - Baba & Nyonya Theme Swan Suite with Courtyard

Next, we are at another Baba & Nyonya Theme which is in Swan Suite with Courtyard. This suite has a much bigger space in terms of the room space and with a courtyard as well. It comes in only one king-size bed suitable for a couple to stay in.

Love these few corners with a touch of Baba and Nyonya design.

Some of the shots we took at this corner. I major love the vase and the flower behind which gives so much Nyonya vibes in the photo.

Not forget that when you move into their toilet, the tiles and the sink gives so much of Baba and Nyonya vibes. For this suite, you will find yourself with a bigger space, with one bathtub, a standing bath area, and two sinks which just the right amount of space for a couple.

We also find ourselves immerse with the beauty of the tiles in the toilet and decide to do a few shots here with the beautiful Baba and Nyonya print tiles.

Not forget that this Swan Suite also comes with a gorgeous courtyard. I feel that we are pretty lucky where the weather for both of the days was so nice and really sunny during the daytime. 

Here we are trying to be casual and chill when we are shooting in the courtyard but actually turns out that the sun is too bright for us to look at the camera directly. But the photos turn out pretty good though! It is like a mix of modern background with 4 Nyonya happily chit-chatting together.

Photoshooting - Malay Traditional Theme Two-Bedroom Suite

For the third room, we went to is the Malay Traditional Theme Two-Bedroom Suite. This suite is so spacious and huge, just read on and I will bring you around in this Two-Bedroom suite. They come in with two bedrooms, the first room comes in 2 single beds and another from is 1 king size bed. It is a perfect suite for a family of 4 - 5 peoples or a group of friends to stay in this Two-Bedroom Suite.

I like the Malay Traditional Engraving Wall decor in the first room and this is where I pose for some photos as well!

Before moving to the second bedroom, we have some shooting in this corner where they have the lamp shine through the wood panels and create a nice effect as well.  Love love the photos!

Moving to the next room, where it has this king-size bed which is perfect for some sisterly shots together! The room and the lighting here is perfect, therefore it is really fun and happy to see how all our group photos are so pretty.

All my faves girls!

Moving to their toilet, we are all really surprise and can't believe that this suite is damn huge! You can enjoy some nice jacuzzi bath in this tub where the balcony are is just outside. It is a very relaxing and fun experience where you can enjoy some nice and relaxing bath in this tub! Not only that they have few sinks, and standing bath areas too which you have more flexibility to do move around in a toilet.

Not forget trying to pose my nice and cool pose while we are sitting inside the tub!

Besides that, they have a small dressing room in the second room. Where you can spend some time doing makeup and also they have a bigger closet area just besides too.

British India Theme

We didn't manage to went to the last room for photo shootings due to limited time. But I want to show you guys how the British India Theme is for their hotel rooms. I like how they have this British Indian style with the white decor on the mirror and the dressing table is so dainty! I would love to have the dressing table at my house because it just a very elegant and clean look.

That's all for my post about this fun Nyonya Photoshoting with my girls at Swan Garden Hotel Melaka. We do have a really fantastic time of shooting together with the team that organizes this. Please do check out their social media and follow them for any updates.

📔Tiffany Yong

📸 Hf  PhotoStudio

👗Penang Nyonya Culture

1, Jln KSB 1, Taman Kota Syahbandar, 75200 Melaka

Till Then.

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