Hello peeps, today will blog about my short trip to Melacca. There is some place at Melacca that we still haven't go visit yet. This time we decided went to A'famosa Water Theme Park and Melacca Zoo Night Safari. We always went to Jonker Street without fail because I love to shop stall besides road usually they sell some nice and cheap stuffs. I will show you guys some shopping haul I went Jonker Street. Both of us never went to Waterpark before so this time we decided to have fun with water but I didn't take much photo of the waterpark and still consider should I write a post about the fun time we spend at the Waterpark.

We went to Melacca Zoo Night Safari on that same day we spend at the Waterpark. Although we are still tired and exhausted but we also manage to enjoy the night at the zoo. We went there around 8:45pm is still not too late because they open the Night Safari until 11pm. We did go through their websites for some info about their opening hours and ticket price. We even call through their hotline to enquire about their whole visiting including what activities. I will slowly share all my experience with all of you because I really enjoy the visit. 

Me and the welcome board.

Basically the journey took about 1 hour+. The journey separate to 2 parts, the 1st part you will be sitting on their provided Tram for us and the 2nd part is the Animal Show by the Zoo. Since is night time probably not a good choice for you to walk around Zoo lol. On the tram there will be 1 instructor to give us explanation on the animal that are active at night. They will have a big torchlight and show us the animal that are behind the cage lol. Basically the tram driver drive moderate speed and if you are not aware of what the instructor shining the torchlight at you probably will miss out the animal.

Some sleeping animal..I guess.

They show us many deer and cow too. Rusa, kancil la. That are from different countries and sizes also.

We stand to be on foot when we reach the Tiger and Lion area. Its gonna be exciting!! haha. I think they want us to experience more so they let us to be on foot and slowly enjoy the experience with the Tiger...rawrrr..

We have leopard here.

Black Leopard. I found that they are quite a cute animal xD

Since leopard is a night time animal so you will saw this two leopard is enjoying playing together.

Here we have a near look of a Tiger. This tiger is basically is a wild tiger. That super active at night and the wall surround them is very high to prevent them from jumping out lol. You can saw that the light is not very sufficient although there are 2 worker shine the torchlight. Next we'll have......


So we have 2 sleeping tiger and

1 sleeping tiger with a super cute leg pose...and

Sleeping female and male lion. As you guys can see these animals have already lose their wildness and get used to life of a normal animal life style. The instructor told us that they cannot survive in the outside jungle anymore or even kill a chicken for a meal. Because they already get used of the life of sleeping soundly at the night without worry that there are not enough food for them. They only eat the meat that are nicely processed too, lol. Sounds so pathetic == But came to think of it, many animals even tiger are facing extinction one day, if nobody taking care of them probably their species will extinct and die. Hmmm..life you know..

After the Tiger we do have some crocodile to visit but due to time limit, we skip that part and continue on the journey on the tram. Hello, Parrots!!

Hello, Mandrill!

A pee elephant

We passed more bird cage before we end our journey on the tram and continue with the animal show.

Emcee of the night.

First we have Cute Parrot help us to raise our Malaysia Flag.

Welcome us too =D

Do you see what animals is coming out next?

Is the cute little rats~

We have snake up next that are hiding among us....xD

Also this big snake that are frightening some of the audience.

We have a lady audience to hold and kiss the snake. I actually fond of the gill of the snake but my baby say is so geli! haha

We have kids to feed the bird.

I totally forget the name of the animal, but it is very cute~ Haha!

We got sexy Beauty Flamingo for photo session too!

My turn.

Parrot for photo!

This cute little birdie and me! 

Wear casual and simple.
Bring Torchlight if you want to see the animal clearly(seriously)
Bring some small fan if you scare of hot.
Tie up your hair.
Bring Water bottle.

Do not bring jacket(only if that day is super windy).

Overall I was quite enjoy the journey although some part didn't manage to see due to time being. The animal show is about 20-30 minutes. When we walking back to the entrance we can saw that many people still lining up there for another tram visiting time. Its quite lucky because we went there early and the crowd is still not that many yet. Since I have been quite a long time didn't visited Zoo and this experience actually fun and memorable. Zoo is always the small time memory place that we always visited when we are still kids! If you wanted to experience something new you can plan one night time to visit here~ 

Melaka Zoo & Night Safari

Jalan Hang Tuah Jaya, 
Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka

Tel: 606-2324054     
Hotline: 1300 22 3000

Day Zoo 
Daily from 9.00am to 6.00pm (last ticket sale at 5.30pm)

Night Safari 
Fridays & Saturdays, eve of public holidays and school holidays from 8.00pm to 11.00pm

Applicable for Day Zoo & Night Safari:
Malaysian Adult RM15
Malaysian Child RM6
Malaysian Senior Citizen RM6
Foreigner Adult RM20 inclusive a bottle of mineral water
Foreigner Child RM15 inclusive a bottle of mineral water

For more info:

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