Happy Chinese New Year y'all! Here are another two outfits I want to share with you guys I wear during Chinese New Year. To be frank, I am not too excited about wearing new clothes during the Chinese New Year. I do buy one cheongsam from Taobao buy due to my carelessness, therefore, the shipment has been delayed till now. I do hope that I can receive the cheongsam before the Chinese New Year end on the 8th of February. Finger crossed!

For the first day of the Chinese New Year, I'm wearing this maroon dress for the family dinner. We always come to Machap Baru for CNY dinner. If you have noticed some of the shots seem similar to last year one. But this year we found this pretty decor tree outside one house and we manage to take some nice shots with the tree too. 

This dress I bought since last year purposely keeps to wear during the Chinese New Year. It is a very pretty lace dress. The details of the lace come in polka dots which add some sweet look to this outfit. Even though it is a full lace dress, but it comes with spaghetti inner inside, therefore, it is still very comfortable to wear. The spaghetti inner wear comes in the adjustable strap as well!

I like the top is sheer and gives a sexy feminine vibe to it. And the lace bottom details is also very pretty as well. The bottom comes in two-layer which look like a tulle bottom. I wear white heels and a bag to match with this dress outfit. Both are my favorite matching accessories whenever I am in lack of inspiration what to match with my outfit.

To conclude both of my outfits are not from Taobao!

Outfit Details

Dress | Nineteen89.co
Heels | Happy2u
Bag | Taobao

The second outfit is a much more comfy outfit with a top and bottom. Although the dress outfit is more convenient to wear but wearing a top and bottom outfit you can be more creative and mix-match. Here I am at Happy2U flagship store at Melaka, finally, I have the chance to stop by here to check out their shoes and their shop is so cute because is it pink entirely!

Chinese New Year is definitely all about red and here's one the lucky rat red top that I bought from Cotton On. Although my husband was not so keen on me wearing a red tee during Chinese New Year. But well I think is nice to be comfier and be yourself even during the festive season. 

When I first see the top, it caught my eyes and decide to grab it with my friends. CottonOn's shirt can be really comfy and loose and I like it to be oversized and more casual looking. Bring my favorite furry bag on the go as well! I like all the matching of this outfit is so put together! Although there's much more color going on, all came together is so nice.

I wear this top with a casual checkers skort that I bough from Nineteen89.co again! I like the color and checkers design of this bottom. It is also their own manufacture design and I like how it fits me well and makes me look slimmer when I wear it.

Showing off my new shoes from Happy2u and my bear behind checking out for me!

Outfit details

Top | Cotton On
Bottom | Nineteen89.co
Sneakers | Taobao
Bag | Taobao

Till Then.

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  1. I love it but outfits but my favorite It was the dress because looks super pretty darling