Finally able to share some of my red dress wear to the famous Pantai Pasi Klebang at Malacca. It was such an adventurous journey where we walk and search for this place without a proper guide or a car. Walking in the sun definitely not fun at all! When we finally saw this beautiful desert place in front of our eyes, it was really worth it and happy. Well if you are looking for this place, you can search for Submarine Museum Melaka in Google Map. Is not exactly where the location, you will need to walk for 20 minutes when you first saw the entrance. Bring your own water bottle, umbrella, cap and sunglasses too! 

Found a greenery spot for me to take a photo too when we are walking in.

After walking for around 10 minutes more, you will see the full white sand view in front of your eye. Basically is not a real desert place, but it was due to the work of filling the sea project in Malacca. Most of the sand is still here in Pantai Klebang. It has been a few years where until now, people still visit here to take photos and enjoy the sunset view.

The place is really huge and we are really exhausting after been walking for 30 minutes non-stop. We didn't explore the entire big desert but quickly take photos around there.

I am wearing a red checkers dress on that day. It does look safe and long from afar. But it actually much shorter than I thought. Especially when you are sitting down, the dress tends to show off more and become shorter.

Bringing some props with me during my shooting at Pasir Pantai Klebang.

I really love these sitting down photo taken among the sands. I feel tiny among nature and feel happy with the super blue sky despite there's a lot of clouds!

Why do I choose a red dress for this shot? Simply because I want something vibrant and stand out among the white sand and blue sky. Although this red dress is not too vibrant but I love that it still has those red checkers details from afar. It still looks pretty and contrasts them with the sand and blue skies.

Been wearing this brown flats for the longest time and I freaking love it! Because of its natural nude color, it actually matches perfectly with all my outfits.

End my post with my super candid jump shot!

Outfit Details

Dress | Taobao
Shoes | (Instagram)

Till Then

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