Not only that I am back with my Face of the Month but also my weekend outfit post too. Kinda anticipating this weekend outfit post up on my blog. The photos here are so pretty and love all of the shots of this outfit too. Pretty much updated as this entire lookbook is taken along Malacca River. The post is up immediately after I returned from Malacca 2 days ago.

Nudes color is my kinda favorite recently, love how it tones down my look and gives a feel that is in peace too. You may also check out my previous Pink Nudes outfit post here too.

Today star in this really pretty pink nudes studded heels. I been eyeing this kind of studded heels previously and finally got this from Happy2u. The color is so sweet and not exaggerating at all. Which is totally one of my kind of heels that I will absolutely invest in. The design of the wrapping design is so pretty and it somehow makes my legs look slim and tall too.

How it looks from a distance. You will notice on the slight bling studs from afar. 

It was really easy to match your outfit with the heels. Nudes is a really pretty easy match color. Basically, it matches with any color outfit. But I will just keep my entire look as nudes and simple tones. We also manage to find really colorful settings and shoot this nude look. It compliments this entire look even more.

Love to post some of my candid pose photos just to show you guys that not every shot is a perfect shot.

Recently I bought a lot of white tops because I just don't get bored with white tops. It basically matches with any color bottoms, even jeans, culottes and even a skirt too! This pair of grey shorts has been my go-to shorts whenever I feel lazy and chill out.

Love love the whole settings that we find with this outfit!!

The heels actually pretty stand out with the entire plain outfit I match out. The studs and soft sweet pink color give a little hint of sweet and chic look. I am in love with this gorgeous pink heels. 

Another bonus compliment I want to shout out is the heels does not cause any discomfort when I wear and walk along Malacca River. The height of the heels is really comfortable to walk with.

Looking for heels that gives the chic and feminine look for you? Remember to check out their page for more choices.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Pants | Own
Heels | Happy2u

Till Then.


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  1. Nice outfit! I can never look good in wearing these pointed heels though

  2. You look nice in your outfit. Those heels look good on you.

  3. photogenic! look gorgeous. btw nice place for photoshoot. eh..kat mana ni ya

  4. A simple & soft colour to me.Nude colour is matching with all outfit.

  5. You look so beautiful! I love your gorgeous outfit and that cute shoes!

  6. I love your shoes and I love the way you pair your clothing and everything. I don't have this kind of talent. Please do not be mad at me if I copycat some of your style.

    1. Thanks Maya! You are so sweet and I don't really mind =P

  7. Wow your ootd post are getting better and better! So lucky to have your own photographer.
    I love your shoes babe! But is that a replica of Valentino?! I would dig that coz more affordable!

    1. Thanks dear!! That design is such a steal right!

  8. I love how you managed to find such colourful backgrounds for this photoshoot. It's not the ordinary Melaka sights.