Hi peeps, finally I have some time to update my Melacca trip with my church gang on the December. I will separate to 2 post because went to another cafe that is really well design and nice at Jonker Street as well. The new Upside Down House Gallery just open on November 2014. Although this gallery is still new, but you can see crowd are lining up for their turn to go in. When we reach after our breakfast around 11+am, there are already group of tour group lining up and waited for their turn to go in.

We have no choice, the people in charge told us to either wait or to enjoy Nadeje cake first just near the gallery.

Selfie to start our day. 

Our group photo at Nadeje. Our tired face since everyone slept at 5am and wake at 10am. 

So we are back  here after our dessert time at Nadeje. Love the upside down word.

Our 12 person entrance ticket.

Details of the ticket price and opening hour. Adult is RM15 and Children is RM10 ( For Malaysian only). Yes, we still eligible for the 10% discount since we went there after Christmas.

Our group photo before we went in. Can you see the crowd behind, outside there were more out there too.

The people in charge explain how should we enjoy the fun at Upside Down House Gallery.

We start our fun now with all rotated photo taken at Upside Down House Gallery.

Even trying to float in the air.

We are trying to invade the kitchen.

Hungry and wanted to grab the food! 

We wear the same HAMS shirt for our outing.

We are hungry for foooooooodssss...nomss

I am going to fall down.

or fly~

Trying to do some difficult pose on the children bedroom.

Not forget our group photo pose as well.

I don't want to go to bed.


Let you guys see the different. The left side is the original photo whereas the right side is the rotated photo. The left side is the original design of the place, you can saw all the furniture was above your head, stick on the ceiling and the best part is it wouldn't fall off xD

Pillow fight!

Master bedroom part.

Toilet pose, by all the pose from the photos you will know we love to pose and make all those funny pose. We did enjoy the place. Too be honest I think the price is a bit pricey I guess since the place is not as big as you guys thought. Just we spend more time in posing and taking photo. The concept is a home concept, that including a living room, kitchen, kids bedroom, master bedroom and toilet. Is just 2 big space and separate to 5 design place. Since they are still new and the promotion is still on(31/12/2014), so is still a good place for fun and posing. If you are at Melaka, you can still drop by and visit this fun Upside Down House Gallery. Till Then.

Jalan Pm 7, Plaza Mahkota, 
75000 Melaka

Phone:011-1072 2260



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  1. that is really cool!! :) i wonder if they have places like that in USA


  2. I saw my friend visit here and give away voucher few weeks ago....feel great if visit by group of members like yours~

    1. definitely! we have so much fun together, you can do it too!