Continue my post on my Cuti-Cuti Malaysia post where let's go travel locally in Malaysia during this time. As my previous post on our lovely Nyonya shoot at Swan Garden Hotel with Nyonya outfit, this time I want to bring you guys around Melaka. Seriously I been to Melaka numerous times, but I rarely go explore what's really nice there. This time since we are going to Melaka to celebrate my birthday and, what are things that I like to do? Yes! Finding and Exploring some nice places to take photos! 

I figure and try to update this post as frequently as I can because I still have few places that I didn't manage to go visit due to COVID and limited time of exploring Melaka! I definitely hope to visit Melaka again to visit those places I miss out on from my list in the future.

Masbro Village

For the first place that I'm gonna intro is this homestay place which you can check out their triangular colorful houses inside. When I first saw this as one of the instagramable places to check out, it doesn't really convince me because this is a homestay place and I don't think we are allowed to go in for photos.

and Yes I am right about it! But I think they are still kind enough to have an open space for people to take photos at! So when going through all the photos I take here, it is the area that you are to take photos. Inside is not allowed for outsiders except for guests, so if you would want to explore more about their colorful triangular house, you can check out their page and book your stay here! 

It also depends on your luck, because I guess there's some time of the day when a lot of people will come here for a photo. When I'm first there, there's no one there so we quickly took some shots here. But later there's like 2 gangs of people come here for photos too!

I am wearing a Black and White color combination among all the colorful house which I find it gives a really nice contrast to the photo. Supposedly I am wearing this to another cool place for a shoot, but we came here instead! I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about this outfit, but I have a lot of fun wearing this! 

I'm wearing my favorite new black elastic tube and white top, not forget to match with my black biker shorts, fanny bag, and a pair of white sneakers. Basically, I have all my favorite items I wear that day!

That day is definitely not the best weather, it did rain for a bit before we are here that's why the sky here is quite cloudy.

My favorite color!!

Masbro Village
Lot 291, Batu 7 ½, Paya Rumput, 
Jalan Paya Rumput Perdana, 
76450 Malacca

The Riviera Melaka

Moving to our next destination is at The Riviera Melaka, which is also another nice and vintage hotel to visit. But when I went there, I notice that the hotel is not open for business. To my surprise, this place looks much nicer when you visit there in real. Although yellow is definitely not my favorite color when it comes to building colors.

But the place still looks very cute and nice to take photo around this area. They have a lot of colorful shops lots behind this yellow building.

My favorite shots! I love this really cute lilac dress too, this is also the dress I plan to wear on my birthday. I never think the dress is so pretty in real life, the entire cutting making me look slim and the material is not too thick and still comfortable to wear.

I'm wearing the entire purple also with matching scrunchies and heels. Although the heels are not my favorite type of purple heels, I'm glad that it matches perfectly with this outfit!

One of their famous spots is the clock tower too! Trying to find the perfect angle to block the crowds behind me. On the right, we saw someone actually go up and take some shots, and hence we also follow, but the guard did come by and then lock the door for taking photos.
Encounter one cute cafe with pretty decoration in front. Everyone literally just will sit in front of their bench and take photos. Actually, the shop lots on the G floor are all in pastel color just that I didn't manage to shoot all in one photo.

If you have not been to Melaka, along their small roads, you'll notice there's a lot of these trees which makes you look like you are in some other country. We actually stop our car and took photos!

The Riviera Melaka
Taman Pulau Melaka, 
75000 Malacca

Casa del Rio Melaka

Moving on to my birthday celebration spot at Casa del Rio Melaka. To my surprise, this hotel has pretty old century vintage vibes to it, the building is design in brownish-red tone color only. If you want to find more colors to take in the hotel, the swimming pool area is one of the nice choices!

They have a very big pool!

I like this corner which makes you feels like you are not in Melaka!

Here's one of the reasons why I'm here is for my Birthday celebration. This hotel is located just beside the Melaka River and by the nighttime, you can enjoy some nice cool breeze air while enjoying your food.

Thanks to my hubby for the day!

Casa del Rio Melaka
88, Jalan Laksamana, 
Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka

Padang Pasir Klebang Melaka

Back to Melaka Desert again at Pantai Klebang! This time I'm here with my CMNS gang here for some nice and fun shooting together. One of the reasons that I'm delaying the post is because of this unexpected trip together with my gang. I want to include all our fun shooting here in this post!

If you have asked me whether is it worth being here, I would have said yes it is worth visiting, but the downside is you need to bear with the heat over the desert. Bring your hat, sunglasses, umbrella, mineral water along, and wear comfy shoes, this is because you will have to walk for a total of 20 minutes to the real desert from the main entrance. Some say there's a jeep to fetch customers go in, but well we didn't saw any that day! But still, the crowds have been non-stop coming in and out of the desert.

I do want to back here again after 2 years ago I been here. So far nothing much has changed but I notice it grows more small bushes along the path. But given the photos we took here is much better than I shot last time, everything is worth it!

Not forget to smile and selfies.

Can't decide which I like and therefore I just decided to post everything!!

With hat or not? I guess one thing with wearing a hat is helping you to avoid having that greasy and flat hair when you take photos in here!

We also spend like 20 minutes shooting with all the lalang grass along the path where you walk into the desert.

Padang Pasir Klebang
Unnamed Road, 75200, Malacca

Malacca River Side


I may have been here a few times now. But wearing a Baba and Nyonya outfit? Might be the first time of my life. One of the exciting trips with the girls is we are here at Melaka for some fun Baba & Nyonya shooting at a hotel. Not only that we have time out for some shooting too, so here we are along the river of Melaka. But due to the rainy weather, we don't really have much time left to shoot. Therefore there's not much of our Nyonya photo here being shoot.

We manage to take some nice shots here at the colorful drawing corner here too! The Melaka River is a very long river that you can either go on a boat cruise and check out the buildings along the riverside. You can also walk and take photos along the riverside while you visit there.

Malacca River Walk
75200 Malacca

Stadthuys - Melaka Red House

Yes, we are here in Melaka famous attraction is the Stadthuys aka Melaka Red House. It's been like a while since I'm here, where I always just pass by car but never really stop here to visit. Well, I been here when I was still small, we explore the heritage places and learn more about the history of Melaka.

Being able to wear their Baba and Nyonya traditional clothes and able to take photos here, I feel very happy and proud as a Malaysian. My first time with Nyonya outfit has been very pleasant and fun too! I am really happy that I am able to experience the Nyonya moment, although wearing this and walk around the town those feel very awkward where the people will all look at you! But hey we need to be proud of our own traditional culture.

The Stadthuys
Jalan Gereja, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka

 Jonker Street

Although I don't have a lot of photo to share where I am at Jonker, along Jonker street, you will encounter a lot of nice cafes and old vintage corners that you might miss out on. I really recommend you visit here, where they have an old vintage 7-Eleven store and Family mart! Whenever I encounter any vintage old buildings, I can't help myself to fall in love with the building!

You will definitely need to spend some time to visit and walk around Jonker. Who knows you might some hidden spots to take photos here! The only all-white and vintage H&M store at the end of Jonker street, but mainly nearer to the Melaka Riverside as well.

Hidden spot inside the old Family Mart Jonker! There are few corners for photos also but I feel this staircase is more insta-worthy to do it.

Jonker Street 
Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka

The Huskitory

Finally able to visit The Huskitory cafe with my husband. I understand that this cafe has been quite famous for some time. Till then, whenever I am at Melaka, I do not have enough time to visit the cafe. We visit them when we stop and resting at Melaka.

When we reach there, we notice that they have a visiting schedule to follow. Luckily when we reach there, there's a 2:45pm slot for us we wait for around 10 minutes and we able to go to the cafe. It is best to call and reserve a time slot when you visit The Huskitory.

 预约热线 Reservation 
 📲WhatsApp 01155002602
📞 Call : +606-3342602 
📞 Call : +6011-5500 2602 

Super cute husky sitting down!

The Huskitory
27, Jalan Taman Asean, Taman Asean, 75250 Melaka

Note: Face Mask was taken down during the photoshoot but we wear it immediately after we have done the shooting.

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