It's my favorite post of the week. My another weekend outfit with my recent favorite pattern, that is this grey plaid that is quite famous for the outfit matching for autumn and winter season. I can't believe that we are in the last month of the year. There are so many wonderful things happen in this year 2017. I can't wait to the summarize of this year 2017 in this blog!

This outfit shooting is pretty simple as we headed to a cafe after visiting Malacca River. The cafe is really pretty and design in vintage feel too which somehow match with my overall outfit look.

This corner has a really dim light but it is a really pretty cool corner with the vintage old TV and fan. Add some artistic wall art on the wall too. For this look, I never really change much from my previous outfit but just added this new dress haul from my Taobao over the first outfit with the white top and grey pants.

The cafe itself is decorated with many beautiful artistic wall art. When I look back this shot, I realize that my hair has grown so long this past few month. Haven't been trimming it since last time I visit the salon. With the weather now that is so freaking hot now, should I continue to grow or just cut it back to short hair again?

For this greyish look, I match with my another favorite pair of heels from Happy2u. This pair of heels is great for a formal work look and as well as a girl date look too. I wear it once as formal attire when I serve on stage during Sunday service. For this look, I make it as a casual date look with this heels.

I'm seriously in love with white top, this especially not only has a beautiful embroidery on the front but also have the pretty bubbly and ruffles details on the hand sleeve. Even though I wear a slip dress on top, the sleeve details are more obvious and looking so cute!

This heel is slightly taller but it has a firm base which I really like. It has a sturdy heel and comfy insole too. The wrap around strap around my ankle is super feminine and pretty. It does not cause any discomfort when I walk around with this heel too.

The dress pattern is so perfect which I really need to wear this dress out again!! It fits my body perfectly and not too tight or hard to wear. It has the prettiest details like the double strap and the layer on the top part. It came in zipper details and material wise was so good in quality too! Not too thick or thin to wear it, also it can be worn with or without innerwear too.

Outfit Details

Top | Taobao
Dress | Taobao
Heels | Happy2u
Hair | Jeff Lee The Hair Company

Till Then.


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  1. You look so cute as always. I always enjoy reading your ootd stories, and now am excited to shop at taobao too!

  2. I love your plaid outfit. You look gorgeous on it. I really love the diversity of your style perfect for this season.

  3. wah.. love your ootd so much!!! How I wish i can have the style...lolx.. em always on the mature lok


    1. Once a while we need to dress up in different style =)

  4. Love ur outfit.. looks so nice and so comfy!

  5. Loving your outfit as usual.. but you can make any outfit look amazing.. you are such a natural

  6. Envious that you can buy such lovely clothes from Taobao. Mine are all failures. :(

    1. You can buy shoes from Happy2u also ma! hehe =)