Although this year's birthday we did not travel overseas, we still managed to plan a short trip to Genting Skyworlds Theme Park. Ever since the theme park reopened last year in February, I have not yet been to the theme park to try out all the newly open attractions. Since we don’t have plans we decided to plan a short vacation to Genting for my birthday celebration this year.
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I can’t really remember much about what the entrance looks like. But must take photos here since not many crowds when we are here on the first day from 4-5pm. We planned to go straight to a theme park that day, but due to my birthday shooting at home. By the time we start our journey from KL, is already quite late. Hence we changed the plan to enjoy it the next day, but we also rushed because I had dinner plans with my girls back in KL.

Seeing back all the photos I took, I really like to take photos and can’t decide which photos are nicer for me to share with you guys!

The day itself is quite gloomy too, even the next day and, it ends up raining heavily as well.

I like the full-body shots in front of this fountain. We can see the full clear view of the Genting Skyworld landmark as well.

After going into the theme park, another landmark of Genting Skyworlds Theme Park.

Photo session!! Try to take photos from the other side because the front entrance when you go in is always packed with performers and crowds trying to take photos.

Since this is our first time here again after so long, the renovation took about 5-6 years we are quite lost and not sure how to enjoy the theme park. Tbh, I didn’t do a lot of planning but just go with the flow since I’m not a big fan of theme park attractions. We asked around and they suggested we start with the sides with not much of a crowd which is Eagle Mountain which is on the left side. So we just followed and managed to take some photos along the way walking towards the attractions side.

After passing by Eagle Mountain, we reach the Central Park section. I think I overestimated my own capabilities because our first theme park attraction was the 360-degree ESD Global Defender. Although we have eaten the medicine, I feel sick and awful after playing the attraction. This is just as same as our last encounter in SG Theme Park where I started with a roller coaster ride and then I felt sick and dizzy after. Next thing I know I can’t no longer have the energy to enjoy other theme park attractions anymore.

I rested for about 30 minutes to settle myself down, by watching some street performers in the Central Park Gardens. Then the rest of the activities that we can join are mostly indoor attractions. But tbh the attraction indoor is entertaining, and exciting, somehow it’s better than what I expected. My first indoor attraction Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem, love how it leads the guests to the story and fun ride!

More fun indoor attractions! This Independence Day: Defiance space indoor attractions queue is quite long and totally worth it. You will experience a few minutes of your leg away from the ground, It's super fun!

Next, we are here in a very colorful place where I try to take some nice ootd photos but fail πŸ˜“

I researched some nice spots to take photos but didn't have time to enjoy the park.

While walking to Robots Rivet Town, I noticed that most of the attractions for children were closed for service, which explains why it wasn't crowded.

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Finding a chance to take more photos πŸ˜†

This Confectionery should be very cute but too bad it's close!

Next is to Andromeda Base!

We didn't play the most exciting and thrilling Terraform Tower Challenge although I feel much better after the first ride. But for me to enjoy my dinner later, I think I need a rest and not go overboard with what my body can stand.

Later we also get to enjoy some really cool performances and take photos with them too!

The Ice Age theme is cool! I loved the cartoon and found Scrat funny. We didn't play the indoor attraction when we were here, because of the long queue and we were short of time.

Move to Epic Mountain, where we play our last indoor game Epic Voyage to Moonhaven where you will get wet from the water splashing. We did some research and we bought raincoats at the convenience store. The experience is so fun and wet haha! Some of the guests don't bother to wear raincoats, but is still up to you but recommend wearing them for this game.

And when we finished the ride, it started to rain heavily! But I guess it's fated because we already have our raincoat on. Too bad I did not get to go to the Rio section because it looks so colorful and loud. It has performance as well which looks so fun and anticipating.

We didn't wait for the rain to stop but left the theme park.

Hope you guys like my short post of me "playing" and taking photos around Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park. Overall I really enjoy this new theme park, and hope to come back here again with friends.

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Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park
Resorts World, Genting SkyWorlds, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

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