A weekend outfit on a Wednesday again! Today outfit will be a really colorful outfit which I kinda like it, as usual I don't always wear new outfit immediately. I got this top during last year I guess? I remember last time I used to be crazy buying clothes in batches haha! I stop now due to using a lot of money in my wedding. But recently crazily buy a lot of clothes from Taobao, still waiting for the package to reach. Okay please don't judge me. I really love the feeling of receiving the parcel, I mean who doesn't haha!

Back to today outfit, this top was kinda deep V for me! Well, I did some sewing here last minute, but it doesn't really see much from the photos here. 

This weekend outfit photo was taken at Sunway Pyramid where they have this beautiful Beauty and the Beast set up at one of their concourses. A lot of people are taking photos here too! I did not explore much of this area, as I see they are few more corners which so photo worthy which I totally miss it.

If you have been following Top Shop/Zara, I don't quite remember which store came out with this outfit design. So this top was an inspired design from them! I love pajamas top which can be worn as casual and chilling style.

Since my top was already colorful and comes in a lot of patterns, for my bottom I wear my favorite gray shorts again. To basically neutralize the color combination of this outfit! 

As for my shoes, is my new haul from Nineteen89 Boutique. I love how the ring buckle design of the shoes which make it so vintage looking! I have been eyeing this for quite some time.

Love the deco of this setup! Wish to really explore more and take many photos of this. Wear my another favorite choker in this outfit too! Seeing this outfit combination is making me wondering how many colors had I actually on myself! haha

That's all for my weekend outfit details!

Outfit Details

Top | URES (Twmall)
Pants | Reafash
Shoes | Nineteen89 Boutique
Bag | Zalora

My make up of the day!! Same eyeshadow color as my top.

Till Then


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