Finally, I have started my anniversary post with my high-tea session at Cafes Richard, Sky Avenue. If you haven't done so, you can read it here. So back to my outfit post today, it will be crazy lots of photos. Because since Sky Avenue has opened I haven't been to visit there, and finally I am here celebrating our love anniversary together. I might as well wear my favorite pieces and shoots lots of OOTD there!

Today outfit will be different from what I usually wear as well, the color and prints were what makes me fall in love at the first sight. Scroll down to see more pictures!


Some of my favorite self-portrait taken at Cafes Richards. 

Showing off my cute hubby as well.

All of my outfit pictures will be all taken from the Local Malaysian Food court at Sky Avenue. The reason is that all of the corners here are dang so pretty and teach of the corners are design with the touch of Local Malaysian lifestyle too!

This maxi dress has been my love in one sight when I saw it at Taobao. I have been keeping this dress in the cart during the summer sales in Taobao. Although I wanted to buy with other outfits from the seller, I just got this one dress that I really love.

Since I am 156cm tall, this dress was a beautiful flowy maxi dress for me. Sorry for the lighting on all the photos here, but the color itself was a really pretty dark green color. Although I do not have this kind of color before, however dark green color was always the color I would love to challenge and try.

Trishaw in a food court!? Seriously I am all hyped up when I see all these Malaysia Lifestyle decors around here, I've been to Masjid India, Malacca, Kajang, Sri Petaling in just one damn food court! If I have time I will definitely blog about this food court I've been to.

Care for a breakfast at Kopitiam?

Overall the dress material was really smooth and high quality too! Will show more details on my next few pictures.

My accessories of the day. The yellow vintage sunglasses was my recent favorite too! Not only that if you have noticed that I wear a pair of earrings that are the same color with my dress too. 

Everything just matches perfectly! My earrings details and the dress details, green and gold ring details. I wear a white color off-shoulder top to balance out the greenish color of this outfit.

Not only that everywhere there's always a flowy detail too. My white off-shoulder top has one, my dress has two, one is the bra line and the bottom of my dress too! There you can see how much I love the flowy design too. 

That's all for what I wear during my Anniversary celebration! I will link down all my item from Taobao.

Outfit Details

Dress | Taobao link
Sunglasses | Taobao Link
Earrings | Taobao link
Shoes |


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  1. Oh very cute coordinate~ Cute dress

  2. Wow~ I love your outfit, especially the white off-shoulder! <3

  3. You look absolutely amazing love! The flowy detail is so gorgeous and the print is so pretty and looks amazing on you!
    xo Debbie |

  4. WOW how can a food court look sooo pretty? And I love the retro vibes of your outfit here too! Congrats on your 5th Anni ~ sounds so exciting! Hope u had a great weekend, Sharon ;)

    xx Aldora

    1. Yes!! That's why I am so excited to take photo in this food court =)

  5. ^ha! I agree! I had no idea a food court could look so amazing! I love how you styled this outfit! And those sunnies are amazing. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  6. I love your hair color, babe :) Seriously!!


  7. Congrats on ur 5th anniversary with your other half! I was at Genting recently too and there are so many New shops and eatery that I didn't have time to visit them in my two days stay there! I really regret not visiting the food court cos it looks so fun and culturally interesting!

    1. Come and visit here next time you are here in Genting again =D

  8. This is such a cute maxi dress. I love the setting and the photos of your husband!